ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 147-150

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1. Eliminators interview/Taz interview Mikey comes out

2. Sandman interview, Woman comes out and offers Sandman to join her and come to WCW but Scorpio comes without them (great angle)

3. Sandman attacks Blue Meanie and Steve Richards with a cane

4. Big Apple video

5. Raven & Richards vs. Douglas & Dreamer

6. Taz vs. Shark Attack Kid

7. Todd Gordon and Alfonso go at it, Bigelow and Taz join

8. Missy Hyatt and Sandman interview

9. Judge Dredd & Bad Crew vs. Dirt Bike Kid, Don E. Allen & Dino

10. Brian Pillman debuts in ECW and attacks a fan, Douglas comes out, great interview

11. Taz and Bigelow feud clips
12. Headhunters jump Mustafa and then they challenge Andy team from ECW to wrestle them, the Bruise Brothers return, great angle and wild brawl

13. Headhunters vs. Bruise Brothers

14. Eliminators & Richards vs. Pitbulls & Francine (Triple Dog Collar match)

15. Eliminators interview and video

16. Mr. Hughes vs. Dudley

17. Dreamer and Raven argue in the ring while the Bruise Brothers watch Dreamer’s back, but they turn on him and post him, great

18. Raven vs. Douglas (Pillman comes in)

19. JT Smith vs. Axl Rotten

20. Douglas vs. Cactus (Douglas handcuffs Cactus and him many stiff chair shots)

21. Taz vs. Don E. (Mikey comes in and they go at it)

22. DOuglas and Dreamer interview

23. Pillman interview, he wrestles a pencil, funny

24. Douglas interview

25. Scorpio vs. Sabu

26. Pitbulls/Sandman interviews

27. Pillman interview, nude, great stuff