ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 155-158

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1. Bruise Brothers/Raven, Kimona & Raven’s doctor interview

2. Raven, Bruises, Sandman, Douglas, Dreamer brawl (Brian Lee debuts)

3. Raven/Lee/Bruises interview

4. Joel Hartgood vs. Broad Street Bully (Axl Rotten runbs in with a Barbed Wire Bat)

5. Dreamer/Pitbulls interview

6. Brian Pillman interview

7. Raven & Bruises vs. Dreamer, Douglas & Sandman

8. Kenny Albert interviews Douglas

9. Dudleys jump JT Smith and Little Guido (Devon Dudley debuts)

10. Sabu vs. Whipwreck (highlights)

11. Taz vs. Jericho (Shootfight Rules, Highlights)

12. Dudleys interview

13. Eliminators vs. Hartgood & Ricania

14. Eliminators and Gangstas brawl

15. Scorpio & Sandman vs. Gangstas vs. Headhunters

16. Blue Meanie’s girlfriend jumps him with whipcream, Raven hits Kimona

17. pitbulls & Dreamer vs. Bruises & Lee

18. Video montage

19. Recap of Dreamer, Raven and Buelah triangle

20. Gangstas interview, tghen brawl with Eliminators

21. Supernova vsc. Ricania (Eliminators run in)

22. Eliminators challenge Gangstas, then brawl

23. JT Smith & Guido at Geno’s Steaks, funny

24. Dreamer vs. Lee (Lee & Bruises smash a block on Dreamer)

25. Missy Hyatt and Sandman “Love is Strong” video

26. Cactus, Meanie & Richards at hotel

27. Interview Douglas (Part 1 lesbian angle)

28. Part 2 of lesbian angle

29. Raven vs. Douglas

30. Confrontation with Douglas and Scropio

31. Clips of Fred the Elephant Boy meeting Missy Hyatt

32. Gangstas/Eliminators interviews

33. Axl Rotten vs. Little Guido

34. Taz vs. Devon Storm

35. Video montage (Gangstas get jumped)