ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 159-162

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1. Pitbulls vs. Dudley Boys

2. Live updates on the Elimination jumping Tommy Dreamer/Pitbulls

3. Recap of Shane Douglas ECW career

4. Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam (great match)

5. Eliminators interview

6. Damian (FMW/AAA) vs. El Puerto Ricania (Sabu runs in and destroys them both)

7. Douglas vs. Too Cold Scorpio (Excellent match, Shane and Scorpio’s best in a while)

8. Interviews Sandman & Missy Hyatt/Chris Jericho

9. ECW montage video

10. Clips of Sabu vs. Van Dam (Respect match)

11. Post match confrontation Sabu and Van Dam

12. Fan cam interview Paul E. Dangerously

13. Interviews Taz & Bill Alfonso/Scorpio

14. Taz vs. Scorpio

15. Post match interview Taz & Alfonso

16. Jericho vs. Mikey Whipwreck

17. Clips Dreamer vs. Brian Lee, they brawl in teh streets and in somebody’s backyard, this full match is available in our fan cadm section

18. Raven vs. Sandman vs. Pitbull #2 (3 Way Dance)

19. Video Brian Pillman (great)

20. Recap Sabu vs. Van Dam confrontation (additional footage)

21. Fan cam interview Dangerously

22. Jericho vs. Scorpio

23. Clips of Dreamer vs. Douglas vs. Sandman)3 Way Dance match)

24. Interview Stevie Richards imitating Sandman

25. Interviews Raven/Richards/Lee/Meanie

26. Dudleys vs. Damian kane & Devon Storm (Devon Dudley goes nuts)

27. Dudleys try and call Big Dick

28. Eliminators & Lee vs. Dreamer & Gangstas (wild)