ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 163-166

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1. Interview Raven and Richards, they introduce Devine Brown (the ex-prostitute of Hugh Grant fame)

2. Taz vs. Jason Helton (shootfight)

3. Interview Taz and Alfonso (a confrontation with Ultimate fighter Paul varelans ensues and the place goes nuts!!!)

4. Recap of Raven and Dreamer feud

5. Bruise Brothers & Lee vs. Dreamer & Pitbulls (elimination, Dreamer gets chokeslammed off the stage through a few tables…nuts!!!)

6. Pitbull #2 vs. Raven

7. Interview Lee

8. Preview of Brian Pillman’s ECW return

9. Video recap of Fight the Power ’96

10. Press conferance: Taz-Varelans contract signing

11. FBI vs. Dudleys (Big Dick’s return)

12. Van Dam vs. Mikey (Pillman comes out during the match in a wheelchair)

13. Interview Pillman/Van Dam

14. Interview Paul E. Dangerously on Sabu vs. Van Dam

15. Douglas challenges and wrestles 4 opponents

16. Douglas vs. Pitbull #2

17. Interview Douglas

18. Pulp Fiction ECW video montage

19. “Mission Impossible” ECW video

20. Interviews Eliminators, Sandman & Missy

21. Lee vs. Dreamer (clip, Dreamer gets chokeslammed through a dumpster, whole match available on 1603)

22. Richards serves Missyu Hyatt papers

23. Sandman vs. Richards (bloody Raven jumps Sandman)

24. Sabu vs. Mikey (great match)

25. Interview Raven and Richards, they introduce Blu Dust which is Blu Meanie imitating Goldust, hilarious!

26. ECW Pulp Fiction video montage

27. Interview Richards adn Blu dust, very funny

28. Sandman canes ring announcer Joel Gertdner

29. Sabu vs. Douglas (clip, whole match on 1634)

30. Douglas vs. Mikey

31. Richards introduces Peaches to Raven as his valet

32. Gordy vs. Raven (bloody, great match, after the match Raven confronts Sandman with Sandman’s own son and Peaches, incredible angle!!!