ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 179-182

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1. Joel Gertner introduces Julio Ceaser Valentino Alfonso

2. Sandman vs. Devon Storm

3. Recap: Shane Douglas-Pitbull #2 feud

4. Gangsta vs. FBI

5. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat…Classic 30mn Draw

6. Intr: Taz/Alfonso

7. Taz vs. Johnnie Smith

8. Fan Cam:WWF in you house footage W/ECW

9. Meanie Babe gets slapped

10. New jack vs. Steve Richards/Blue Meanie…Fan Cam Clips/Richards/Meanie Imitate Public Enemy

11. Intr: Richards/Meanie… In Public Enemy outfits…great stuff

12. Eliminators/Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer/Steve Williams/Terry Gordy

13. Intrs: Raven/B. Lee, Pitbulls, Dudleys

14. Shane Douglas at the gym

15. ECW Montage video

16. Gangstas vs. Richards/Meanie…Dressed again as Public Enemy

17. Recap: Raven vs. Sandman/Dreamer Feuds

18. Preview of Ultimate Jeopardy

19. Mikey Whipwreck vs. JT Smith

20. Brian Lee/Steve Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman…Ult. Jeopardy/Sandman winds ECW title

21. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbulls #2 …Shane attacks paralized Pitbulls #1 an incredibleangle…Place goes nuts

22. Recap: Ultimate Jeopardy

23. Intr: Lori Fullington

24. Johnny Smith vs. Taz…Submission match

25. Eliminators vs. Samoan Gangsta party