ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 195-198

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1. Gangstas vs. Ricky Morton/Tommy Rich

2. Rich challenges Morton

3. Satellite Intr: Taz

4. Preview: Raven vs. Sandman

5. Raven vs. Sandman… Texas Death Rules (BWO’s Stevie & Raven square off)

6. Recap: Raven vs. Sandman

7. Intr: Raven.. Tod Gordon comes out and announces Raven’s hair vs. Belt

8. Recap: Triple Threat

9. Chris Candito vs. Louie Spicoli

10. Triple Threat jump Tommy Dreamer

11. Tommy Rich jumps Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer

12. Intr: Taz/Alfonso

13. Eliminators vs. Axl Rotten/D Von Dudley

14. Triple Threat & Co. jump Buh Buh/Pitbull #2

15. Terry Funk vs. Brian Lee

16. Intr: Shane Douglas..The “Masked Man” appears

17. Pitbull #1 returns & takes on Shane Douglas…crowd heat is amazing

18. Recap of pitbull #1 returns

19. Intr: Triple Threat…They introduce FMW’s Gladiator Mike, Awesome

20. Triple Treat video

21. Intr: Terry Funk…Challenges Raven

22. Satellite Intr: Taz

23. Intr: Raven

24. Steve Richards vs. Little Guido

25. Raven vs. Sandman… Hair vs. Belt

26. Pitbull #2 vs. Brian Lee..The “Masked Man” returns

27. Paul E. announces the first ECW Pay Per View

28. Taz vs. Sabu video

29. Steve Richards vs. Ricky Morton

30. Intrs: Triple Threat, Shane/Francine

31. Steve Williams challenges Raven

32. Steve Williams vs. Axl Rotten

33. Raven vs. Steve Williams

34. Intr: Eliminators

35. D Von Dudley vs. Sandman..Total Brawl..Buh Buh Dudley turns heel