ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 251-254

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Featured is the final weeks leading to Living Dangerously.Taz vs WWFs Brackus,a unique 4-Way Dance,a Dueling Canes match from Living Dangerously & one of the most talked about incidents in ECW history as Justin Credible crosses the line.


Preview:Taz-Bam Bam Bigelow

Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten

Doug Furnas vs Al Snow

Ten Bell Salute to honor Tommy Dreamers GrandfatherJustin Credible interrupts & wishes Dreamer was deadA must see!

Dreamer/Sandman vs Dudleys vs New Jack/Kronus vs Sabu/Van Dam4 Way Dance

Preview of Living Dangerously

Promo:Beulah..Clips of Dreamers ECW career are shown

Balls/Axl/Dreamer vs Brackus/Sabu/VanDam


Intr:Triple Threat

Promo:Al Snow on the beach

Shane Douglas vs Chris Chetti

Louie Spicolli Tribute

Intr:Triple Threat w/SunnySunny & Candido break up

Taz vs Brackus

Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible..First Blood Match..Video Stills

Dreamer promo w/clips

Preview:Living Dnagerously

Chris Candido vs Lance Storm

Promo:New Jack



ECWs Living Dangerously Recap
Jenna Jameson interviews Paul Heyman


Dreamer vs CredibleVideo Stills

2Sabu vs Sandman..Dueling Canes Match

Rob Van Dam vs Too Cold
Scorpio..Video Stills


Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow ..Video Stills

Preview of The Mystery Partner tag Match

Sunny/Lance Storm vs Candido/Douglas..Video
Stills4Promo:Triple Threat