ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 271-274

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Featured is a loaded tape as Masato Tanaka,Gladiator Mike Awesome,& the hardcore legend himself Atsushi Onita debut & add an international flavor of Extreme.There is a ton of Masato Tanaka on this tape.Tanaka-Gladiator feud is well on its way to becoming a top candidate to feud of the year & youll see why.Also:Sabu/Van Dam win the ECW Tag Team Titles,plus an extreme re-match,Taz & Bigelow try to draw the battlelines for Heatwave 98 ,Tommy Dreamer seeks revenge on The Dudleys & Lance Storm starts to come into his own

1 Intr:Triple Threat..Taz confrontation

2 Masato Tanaka vs Balls Mahoney

3 Intr:Jason/Justin Credible/Chastity

4 Intr:Rob Van Dam/Fonzie

5 The Dudleys vs Tommy Dreamer/Sandman/Mystery Partner - Atsushi Onita is the mystery partner,but turns on Sandman & Dreamer

6 Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Chris Candido/Lance Storm - Title Change

7 Intr:RVD/Fonzie

8 Intr:Shane Douglas/Franciine - ..Lance Storm challenges Taz

9 Taz vs Lance Storm\

10 Recap:Tanaka vs Mahoney

11 Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome

12 Spike Dudley vs Ulf Herman

13 Beulah Video

14 Recap:Onita turn

15 Dudleys vs New Jack/Kronus - Bog Brawl

16 Taz-Shane Douglas confrontation

17 Super Nova/Blue Meanie vs Chris Candido/Lance Storm

18 Intr:RVD/Fonzie/Sabu

19 Intr:New Jack

20 Recap:Tanaka-Awesome

21 Masato Tanaka vs Tracy Smothers

22 Intr:Taz

23 Justin Credible/Jason vs Pablo Marquez/Jerry Lynn

24 Intr:Axl Rotten/Balls Mahoney

25 Intr:Taz

26 Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow

27 Preview of Heatwave 98

28 Tommy Dreamer vs Buh Buh Dudley

29 Sandman vs D-Von Dudley - Deuling Canes

30 Spike Dudley vs Big Dick Dudley

31 Intr:Storm/Candido

32 Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Chris Candido - Storm turns on Candido

33 Video Montage