ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 287-290

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Features PPV footage and angles leading up to Nov To Remember 1998 PPV and has 2 Title changes

Clips of Storm +Candido +Sunny
+Mikey clips from last week

Van Dam video

Sabu vs Bam Bigelow Douglas + Van Dam come in Dudleys + Taz + Candido run in

Clip Of Benoit breaking Sabu shirts

Balls vs Tanaka (Dudleys run in)

Dudleys vs Balls + Tanaka great match from arena

Dudleys jump Balls + Tanaka before their match with Sabu + Rob Van Dam bloody

Sabu + Rob Van Dam vs Dudleys Title change

Jack Victory vs Tommy Rogers

Clips of Justin Credible canning Tommy Dreamer

Douglas interview

New Jack interview and Jack Victory jumps him

Nov to Remember video

Dreamer interview

Terry Funk interview from PPV/Lance Storm + Tammy Lynn/Triple Threat interview/Axl + Balls + Tanaka interview/Funk/Van Dam + Sabu/Taz/Shane/Funk interivews

Jake Roberts + Tommy Dremaer vs Justin Credible + Jack Victory clips from PPV

Taz interview and Shane comes in and offers Taz anything he wants if he destroys SABU

Dudley vs Balls + Tanaka (title Change)

Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer (Justin Credible attacks Dreamer)