ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 291-294

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This tape is 4 hours and has tons of angles leading into the Guilty as Charged PPV with Funk Dreamer-Dudleys-Justin Credible-Lance Storm and more

Shane Douglas hires Taz to be his hitman to destroy Sabu

Terry Funk attacks Tommy Dreamer

Dudleys vs Tanaka + Balls clips

Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn Mikey comes in

New Jack interview

Shane Douglas vs Sabu from Pitts Bigelow comes in

Rob Van Dam vs Bam Bam Bigelow from Pitts PA

Clips of Spike taking out all the big guys in ECW

Shane Douglas vs Spike Taz + Sabu come in

Shane Douglas interview Taz comes in

Rob Van Dam vs Rod Price

Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn Mikey comes in great match

Taz + Shane Douglas vs Sabu + Rob Van Dam Dream match as Sabu gets his neck almost broke by Taz

New Jack Spike + Tommy Dreamer vs One Man Gang (omg) + Rod Price + Big Sal

Tammy on the beach

Rob Van Dam vs Mike Lozansky

Tammy video

Terry Funk shows up in Tampa and attacks Dreamer

Dudleys vs Balls + Tanaka + Hack Myers Axl Rotten comes in with a barbed Wire Baseball Bat (Wild and Bloody)

Sabu vs RoadKill Taz watches the match from the Crowd

Shane vs Kronus but Taz Takes out Kronus before the match

Justin Credible/Chetti/Storm/Sunny/Mikey/Tommy Rogers interview Dudleys attacks him
Taz + Shane Douglas Promo/Justin Credible promo

OMG + FBI vs Nova + Chris Chetti + Tommy Dreamer

Mikey vs Rod Price New Jack comes in

Justin Credible vs New Jack Great Match

Justin and Tommy Dreamer feud clips

RVD/Nova/Dudleys/Justin interviews