ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 299-302

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Hours Features the return of Public Enemy and also the Debut of Sid Vicious and more great matches from Super Crazy + Tajiri!!!!!

RVD interivew

RVD vs Lance Storm highlights
Lance Storm Promo

Taz vs Shane clips

Super Crazy vs Tajiri clips

Sid Vicious vs Kronus

Justin Credible Promo

Terry Funk attacks Dreamer

Dudleys attack New Jack

Skull Von Crush vs Sid

Super Crazy vs Tajiri Great Match

Storm/RVD interview

Shane Douglas vs Taz Great match

Balls + Axl vs Sabu + RVD

Dudleys interview and they challenge Public Enemy and then they show up Brawl !!!!

RVD+ Sabu interview

Shane Douglas interview Chris Candido Attacks

Sid destorys Chris Chetti

Lance Storm vs Spike

Crazy vs Tajiri (Detroit) Great

Dudley destroy Public Enemy

Taz vs. El Diablo

Taz + Sabu conflict