ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 103-106

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1. Todd Gordon announces Sabu is suspended

2. Benoit calls Sabu a pussy for no showing and Taz comes out, Malenko jumps Taz until Rick Steiner makes the save, the place goes wild, tons of heat

3. Guerrero vs. Scorpio (TV title change, amazing high spots)

4. Cactus/Funk interviews

5. Sandman vs. Douglas (Woman turns on Sandman and leaves with Douglas)

6. video on Three Way Dance

7. Raven & Richards interview

8. Raven vs. Dreamer (wild brawl, Buela McGillicutty is introduced)

9. Guerrero interview

10. Douglas vs. Sandman (Woman turns on Shane and Sandman win the title. Shane walks out the front door)

11. Douglas video/Simmond & Funk congradulate Sandman

12. Mikey vs. Richards (Raven comes in and Public Enemy makes the save)

13. Tons of ECW interviews with all the wrestlers talking about the title change)

14. Dreamer vs. Raven (clips)

15. Dreamer vs. Raven (kitchen sink gets used)

16. Sandman/Cactus & Shane’s lawyer interview/Sandman video

17. Guerrero vs. Malenko (*****, incredible)

18. Raven Nirvana video