ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 111-114

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1. Myers vs. Stetson

2. Public Enemy vs. Pitbulls (clips from Japan)

3. ECW Car Race footage (Demolition Derby)

4. Sandman vs. Douglas

5. Cactus, Dreamer, Raven & Malenko brawl

6. Cactus, Sandman & Douglas feud clips

7. Cactus interviews

8. Cactus and Sandman video

9. Paul E. interview

10. Pitbulls vs. Public Enemy

11. Public Enemy gets 5 munutes with Richards (Luna makes her offical debut, great wild angle)

12. Public Enemy interview in alley, they notice Gangstas spray paint on wall

13. Mikey vds. Big Daddy

14. Vampire Warriors vs. Myers

15. Dreamer & Luna interview (Vampire & Richards come out, brawl)

16. Raven promo

17. Beulah McGuilicuty vs. Luna (Richards & Raven interfere, great)

18. Taz Scorpio vs. Pitbulls (Alfonso makes an appearence, Taz & Scorpio break up after match)

19. Ian & Axl Rotten vs. Public Enemy (another great Alfonso angle, Gangstas debut and jump Public Enemy)

20. Gangstas get arrested after they jump Public Enemy

21. Dreamer vs. Vampire

22. 911 vs. Jungle Jim Steele (great mic work from Paul E.)

23. Clips from Sandman vs. Cactus (Barbed Wire match)

24. Sandman/Gangstas interview in alley