ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 295-298

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This has more of Terry Funk as a heel and the debut of the Japanese and Mexican superstarsSuper Crazy-Tajari-Antifaz and much more. This is one of the best TV tapes!!!!

Taz + Sabu + RVD confrontation

Shane Douglas + Taz + Sabu feud clips

Sabu + RVD interview

Mikey vs Jerry Lynn Lance Storm is at ringside

Justin Credible interview

Mike Awesome vs Tanaka

RVD + Sabu vs Dudleys title change from Japan

Taz interview

Justin Credible attacks Chasity and a chick from the crowd joins in on the attack and then Bob Artese gets attacked and caned and Tommy Dreamer makes the save until Terry Funk makes a run in and then they all destroy Tommy Dreamer!!!!

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Antifaz Great match and their debut

RVD/Robert Gibson promo Danny Doring claims he is his Dad funny

Balls vs RVD great match

Terry Funk interview from Queens and he attacks Dreamer

Shane interview Taz comes in and tells Shane he is facing him at the PPV and not Sabu

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Pablo Great match

Super Crazy vs Antifaz great match and debut of Crazy

RVD vs Skull Von Crush

Lance Storm interview

Lance Storm vs Spike

Preview to the PPV

Dudleys chuck New Jack from stage through a table

Bam Bam vs Taz

Recap of feuds with Dreamer and FunkTaz and Shane

Dreamer/RVD interview/Sunny interview