ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 31-36

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1. Bad Co./Public Enemy videos

2. Clips of November to Remember

3. Sandman vs. Jim Niedhart (Hughes comes in)

4. Funk/Hawk & Niedhart/Paul E./Public Enemy interview

5. Bad Co. get jumped by Public Enemy

6. Sullivan vs. Scrub

7. Angel interview/Sherri Martel attacks ladies in the ring

8. Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer vs. Stetson & Hotbody (title change)

9. Sandman & JT Smith vs. Stetson & Hotbody

10. Hughes vs. scrubs

11. Cairo vs. Chris Michaels

12. Tazmaniac video

13. Sabu vs. Tazmaniac (rematch, wild)

14. Douglas interview

15. Hotbody, Stetson & Hunter Q. vs. Peaches, JT Smith & Sandman

16. Hughes vs. scrub

17. Sabu & Funk angles

18. Paul E. interview, great

19. JT Smith vs. Hotbody

20. Tazmaniac & Sullivan vs. Bad Breed (JT is walking back to the locker room and Taz & Sullivan give him the best chair shots ever, very stiff)

21. Lumberjack vs. scrub

22. Rebel video

23. Douglas interview, Woman comes out/Public Enemy interview

24. Dreamer & Douglas vs. Taz & Sullivan (Douglas turns on Dreamer, title change, great)

25. Funk introduces Bad Breed as his few good men, great

26. Paul E. interview, great

27. Sandman vs. Stetson

28. Hughes vs. scrubs (the arena lights go out and everyone comes out and brawls, wild)

29. Douglas vs. Dreamer

30. Snuka video/Funk interview, he brings out a scrub dressed as Sabu, Paul E. comes out, great

31. Taz & Sullivan video/Paul E. interview

32. Bellemo, JT Smith & Sandman vs. Funk & Bad Breed