ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 315-318

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This tape has tons of new matches on it and also has the start of some new feuds!!! See BALLS GET PUT THROUGH A FLAMING TABLE by the Dudleys SICK!!!!!

Recap for Taz-Corino-Candido angle

Steve Corino & Cyrus interview on beach

Taz takes out Wild Bill

RVD vs BubbaLynn-Justin-Sabu-Lance Storm run in

Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn

Chris Candido stretches Chris ChettiTaz runs in and turns on Chetti

Little Guido vs El Mosco

Tajiri & Taka Machinoku vs Super Crazy & Nova

RVD interview/Dreamer interview

Balls + Axl vs Dudleys (barbed wire is used)

Limp Bizkit video for PPV

Recap of Hardcore Heaven PPV

Balls spits fire at Joel Gertner

Balls vs New Jack (New Jack dives from Balcony)

Corino interview

Sid Vicious vs Justin Credible recap from PPV

Justin Credible & Lance Storm interview

Skull Von Crush vs RVD

Cyrus/Balls & Axl/Justin & Lance interviews

Spike Dudley vs RVD

Lance Storm vs Chris Chetti

Dudleys vs Balls + Axl FIRE FIRE FIRE and more Fire as Balls gets put through a flaming table!!!!!!