ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 323-326

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Note: There are minor tracking issues, however doesn't affect the overall show.

More from Chicago including an unbelievable hardcore match with a flaming table. Also featured is a swimsuit competition and great matches with RVD, Storm and Lynn.

Int: Dudleys, Spike

Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley vs. Dudleys ( Fire!!!, Bloodbath )

Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm

Dawn Marie- Francine swimsuit competition

Storm & Credible beat up Dreamer & Lynn

Balls Video

Taz Int.& video

Sabu & Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm & Justin Credible

Paul E announces TNN deal

Int: Skull

Int: Dudleys

Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm

Jason turns on Jazz

Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

Tajiri turns on Taz

Pulp Fiction

Taz interview

Recap of Dreamer retirement promo from PPV

Dudleys recap from PPV

Int: Balls & Spike

Highlights Taz vs. Tajiri

Int: RVD, JL plus PPV highlights

Int: Credible & Storm

Joel Gertner JFK Jr. interview

Int: Taz