ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 335-338

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1. Mike Awesome promo and video/RVD interview/Doring + Road Kill interview

2. Jazz getting attacked by RK and Doring

3. Doring + Roadkill vs Jazz + Nova

4. Rhino vs Christopher Daniels

5. Super Crazy vs Jerry Lynn

6. Mike Awesome vs Rhino

7. Promo on Dawn Marie + Tammy feud

8. Clips of Tajiri + Dreamer feud Raven + Dreamer + Francine get involved

9. Clips of Raven + Dreamer vs Victory + Corino

10. RVD vs Balls Mahoney from Anarchy rules PPV

11. Impact Players interview

12. Jazz vs Jason

13. Corino and Rhino fight with 2 New Orleans Saints football players

14. Simon Diamond vs Tajiri vs Guido 3 way dance

15. Jerry Lynn gets jumped by Corino

16. RVD vs Spike

17. Sign Guy gets turned into Lou E Dangerously

18. Mike Awesome vs Mikey Whipwreck

19. Jerry Lynn vs Tajiri

20. Impact Players vs Tommy Dreamer + Raven (Catfight with Dawn Marie + Francine Rhino comes in and the Sandman returns to ECW and makes the save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!