ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 339-342

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1. Corino + Rhino interview/Rhino video

2. Clips of Sandman returning to ECW during tag match with Impact Players vs Dreamer + Raven

3. Taz vs Sabu Impact Players come in and RVD makes the save only to turn on Sabu

4. Balls + Axl brawl with Baldies New Jack comes in and get his Eye stapled by Angel

5. Balls + Axl/Diamond/Lynn interview Tajiri attacks him

6. Jerry Lynn vs Tajiri bloody

7. November to Remember video

8. Raven and Paul E/Tommy Dreamer interview

9. Sandman vs Rhino Impact Players come in Dreamer and Raven make the save Sandman attacks Raven

10. RVD vs. Little Guido

11. CW Anderson + Wild Bill vs Road Kill + Danny Doring

12. Mike Awesome vs Taz

13. Sabu vs RVD 30 minute match great

14. Tammy + Rhino interview

15. Super Crazy vs Jerry Lynn vs Tajiri (3 way dance)

16. Dreamer + Raven vs Chris Candido + RhinoSandman comes in

17. New Jack subway interviews

18. Chris Candido vs Simon Diamond

19. Impact Players interviews/ Steve Corino and Limp Bizkit angles

20. RVD video

21. Baldies vs New Jack + Balls Mahoney + Axl Rotten