ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 343-346

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features the on going feud between Raven & Dreamer vs. The Impact Players and more between the Sandman & Rhino.

1. Road Kill + Danny Doring interview

2. Steve Corino + Limp Bizkit angles

3. Dupps vs Nova + Kid Cash

4. Impact Players interview Rhino + Candido come in

5. Uganda vs RVD Sabu comes in and attacks RVD

6. New Jack dive clip

7. Raven attacks Hidaka + Tom Marquez

8. Super Crazy vs Super Calo

9. RVD vs Tracey Smothers

10. CW Anderson vs Mikey Whipwreck

11. Rhino + Candido vs Impact Players Sandman comes in

12. Rhino puts Sandman thru a table

13. Mike Awesome vs Tanaka

14. Spike gives Mike Awesome a acid Drop!!!!

15. Impact Players crucify Raven bloody

16. Mike Awesome vs Tanaka (title change)

17. Tanaka interview/Corino/Bloody Balls interview

18. Steve Corino vs Balls Mahoney

19. Sandman saves Balls Rhino then puts Sandman thru a table again

20. Doring and RoadKill interview

21. RVD vs Mikey Whipwreck

22. Baldies/Rhino/Impact Players/Raven interviews