ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 347-350

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1. Little Guido vs Super Calo

2. CW Anderson vs Kintaro Kanemura from FMW

3. Clip of New Jack's balcony Dive

4. Angel attacks Balls Mahoney

5. Mike Awesome vs TanakaAwesome wins the belt back (title change)

6. Mike Awesome clothslines Spikes girlfreind and knocks her teeth out

7. Spike interview///Rhino video

8. Tajiri vs Super Crazy

9. RVD vs Sabu

10. Impact Players attack Raven

11. New Jack dives off ECW Sign

12 CW Anderson vs Mikey Whipwreck

13. New Jack interview

14. Vic Grimes vs New Jack bloody

15. Impact Players interview

16. Simon Diamond vs Raven

17 Mike Awesome attacks Spike

18. Mikey Whipwreck vs Nova

19. Angel vs New Jack

20. Erik Watts debut in ECW

21. Spike vs Erik Watts