ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 351-354

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1. Mike Awesome challenges RVD Sabu also comes in and attacks RVd Spike makes the save

2. Ricky Banderas vs Super Crazy

3. Steve Corino interview

4. Simon Diamond vs Jazz

5. Sabu vs CW Anderson

6. RVD interview

7. Clip of Awesome beating Spike from the PPV

8. Angel vs New Jack Baldies run in and Balls makes the save BLOODY

9. Dupps vs Nova + Kid Cash vs Doring + Roadkill 3 Way

10. RVD vs Tanaka

11. Baldies vs Balls + Tanaka New Jack comes in great and Wild

12. Tajiri vs Super Crazy (Japanese Death Match bloodbath)

13. Steve Corino + Jack Victory vs Dusty Rhodes + Tommy DreamerSandman + Rhino get involved

14. Cyrus demands Paul E to hand over the belt great stuff

15. Rhino vs Sandman Corino comes and Super Crazy saves the Sandman

16. Nova + Chetti vs New Dangerous Alliance

17. Dreamer + Raven vs Impact Players WILD!!!!

18. Tanaka vs Baldies New Jack comes in