ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 355-358

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1. Dupps loose a loser leave town match to Sandman

2. Cyrus promo

3. Impact Players beat on Tanaka

3. Super Crazy vs CW AndersonErik Watts is there

4. Jazz gets speared by Rhino

5. Dreamer interview Francine comes in and argues Raven DDTs Dreamer Impact Players then come in and attack Dreamer Tanaka runs in and they have a tag match for the titles and Dreamer and Tanaka upset the Impact Players for the Tag titles

6. Kid Cash vs Little Guido

7. RVD interview

8. Spike Dudley vs Rhino Victory + Corino come in

9. Dusty Rhodes interview

10. CW Anderson + Billy Wiles vs Super Crazy

11. Mike Awesome + Raven vs Dreamer + Tanaka

12. Sandman vs Tajiri Victory and Corino come in

13. Impact Players vs Jado + Gedo great

14. Super Crazy vs Guido

15. Tanaka vs Mike Awesome..Raven & Dreamer come in

16. New Jack + Balls put Baldie through a flaming table

17. Little Guido vs Chaz Taylor

18. RVD vs Sabu from PPV Guilty as Charged

19 Kid Cash vs Simon Diamond

20. Mike Awesome vs Tanaka

21. Tommy Dreamer promo