ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 79-82

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1. Douglas blasts Ric Flair/Doink interview, great

2. Myers vs. Scorpio

3. Public Enemy/Paul E. interview, clip of Subu vs. Cactus, great

4. Jason interview from his house, funny

5. Myers vs. Cairo (Dreamer comes in and attacks Cairo0

6. Benoit vs. Taz

7. Paul E. interview, show clips of Sabu vs. Benoit where Sabu spits up blood

8. Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed (Baseball Bat match, bloody)

9. Public Enemy video and interview

10. Dreamer interview/ECW November Rain video

11. Douglas interviews/ECW November Rain video

12. Cairo vs. Dreamer (November to Remember, great brawl)

13. Sandman press conference as he turns heel again and attacks Dreamer, great angle, must see

14. Dreamer interview, he’s all scared up from the caring he got/Sandman & Woman interview

15. Scorpio vs. Hughes (November to Remember)

16. Douglas vs. Ron Simmons (Clip, Scorpio comes in and attacks Shane)

17. Dougals interview and announces Steve Austin as his partner

18. Simmons & Scropio interview/Clips of Sabu jumping Public Enemy

19. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (Bat match, title change, from November to Remember)

20. Public Enemy/Cactus interview about Sullivan

21. Paul E. interview, shows clips of Sabu almost breaking his neck from match vs. Benoit, sick bump

22. Sandman & Woman interview and great video

23. Simmons & Scorpio/911 chokeslamming the guitar player

24. Douglas interview

*Note: Episode 81 and 82 were the same episode airing twice. Only included once in this set.