ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 87-90

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1. Great Christmas video

2. 911 chokeslam Santa Clause, Pitbull attack 911 and thent hey start their match, great

3. Women & Sandman interview/Pitbulls and Rottens locker room brawl

4. Cactus & Dreamer vs. Cairo & Sandman (****brawl with blood, great)

5. Public Enemy interivew from Rockefeller Skating Rink

6. Jason interview

7. JT Smith vs. Stevie the Bodie

8. Clips of ECW Royal Rumble

9. Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

10. Malanko vs. Oddesy

11. benoit vs. Myers(the match stops because Benoit almost breaks Myers neck)

12. Sabu & Taz brawl with Benoit & Malenko

13. ECW White Zmobie viedo

14. Mikey video and match after match he gets attacked by Giant Paul

15. Video on Sabu and Rocco Rock

16. Paul E. interview

17. Dreamer vs. Richards

18. Douglas vs. Simmons

19. Tully Blanchard promo

20. Richards vs. Myers (debut of Raven at ringside)

21. Douglas video/clips of Public Enemy crashing a party

22. Scorpio gets attacked by Benoit and Malenko Before his match with Sandman, this was a great angle)

23. Scorpio vs. Sandman (Scorpio gets attacked again after the match by Benoit and Malenko)