ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 91-94

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1. Raven video and interview

2. Lauria vs. Whipwreck

3. Snow vs. Nishimura

4. Public Enemy interview

5. Pitbulls vs. Rottens (Losing Team Must Split up)

6. Public Enemy interview, funny

7. Benoit vs. Scorpio (from Flordia)

8. Paul E/Raven interviews

9. Douglas vs. Simmons (from Flordia, Blanchard runs in, Benoit & malenko make the save)

10. Douglas interview talking about Blanchard doing coke and cheating on his wife)

11. saby & Taz vs. Public Enemy (from Flordia, wild brawl)

12. Raven interview

13. Cactus vs. Sansman (falls Count Anywhere, bloody)

14. bloody Cactus interview

15. Jason & Pitbulls vs. Myers & dragons (Myers attacks Angel afterwards)

16. Benoit vs. Snow (great match)

17. benoit interview, great