ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 95-98

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1. Clips of Sabu & Taz winning the belts from Public Enemy/clips of Benoit powerbombing Sabu off a table on the top rope, amazing

2. Benoit/Paul E. interivews

3. Whipwreck vs. Lauria

4. Sandman vs. Cactus (brawl)

5. 911 Chokeslams Lauria

6. Douglas 30 minute interview, this was great, he tell Ric Flair that he hates him

7. Dremer vs. Richards

8. Eddie Gilbert tribute

9. Paul E. interview

10. Cactus vs. Sandman

11. A long Video that recaps all the major fueds in ECW, this is a great video

12. Raven interivew, Dreamer comes out and brawl with him, Hotbody & Stetson interview

13. Benoit, Douglas & Malenko interivew

14. Cactus vs. DC Drake (Terry Funk returns, this is an amazing angle)

15. Sandman & Funk interview

16. Pitbulls vs. Chad Austin & Heartgood

17. Douglas & Cactus interview

18. Dreamer interview about the Funk situation

19. Douglas vs. Blanchard

20. Public Enemy interview, benoit & Makenko take Rocco and his wheelchair and shove him into the guardrail

21. Public Enemy interview from the hood