ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 99-102

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1. Public Enemy interview, they confront Paul E. and sign the contract for Three Way Dance

2. Scorpio vs. Hector Guerrero

3. Douglas Talking about leaving

4. Ian & Azl interview

5. clips of Public Enemy interview and Benoit & Malenko attack them and Sabu & Taz come in to make it a three way brawl

6. Benoit & Malenko vs. Sabu & Taz (this was great match with Public Enemy returning to brawl at the end)

7. Public Enemy get attacked by Pitbulls in the locker room

8. Douglas & Cactus/Funk & Sandman interviews

9. Simmons vs. Myers (911 comes in)

10. Funk/Cactus interviews

11. Scorpio vs. Malenko (Scorpio wins Tv title)

12. Public Enemy interview dressed as girls pretending they are wrestling at WCW’s Uncensored, this is the funnies interview I have ever seen)

13. Perfect Strangers video

14. Mikey vs. Jason

15. Malenko turns on Jason

16. Dreamer vs. Raven (Generation X match, Dreamer had to beat 3 guys before facing Raven, Funk unlocks Raven and Raven DDT’s Dreamer on the floor and he bleeds loke a pig)

17. Sabu vs. Mikey (great match)

18. Great video on Three Way Dance, hyping it up with tons of wild brawls

19. Public Enemy vs. Pitbulls

20. Pitbulls/bloody Dreamer/Sandman & Woman interview

21. Funk brands Cactus with a flaming branding iron

22. Funk/Douglas interviews