ECW TNN Episodes 01-04

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1. RVD vs Jerry Lynn from Hardcore Heaven PPV

2. Clips of how ECW got started

3. Taz vs Rhino

4. Sabu promo

5. Spike vs Big Sal

6. Promo Cyrus-Impact Players + Dawn Marie

7. Kid Rock ECW video

8. Taz promo

9. Clips of Raven + Dreamer winning tag belts from Dudleys

10. Rhino vs Super Crazy

11. Mike Awesome vs Tanaka

12. Jerry Lynn vs RVD Impact Players run in

13. Taz vs Tajiri

14. Jerry Lynn gets attacked by RVD

15. Balls + Spike vs Dudleys Thumbtacks get used €(title change)

16. Dudleys interview Dreamer comes in and then they attack him until Raven returns and makes the save. Title change

17. Sabu interview

18. Spike vs PN News

19. Super Crazy vs Tajiri

20. Raven interview

21. Lance Storm vs RVD Johnny Smith interfers

22. RVD vs Jerry Lynn