ECW TNN Episodes 09-12

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1. Mike Awesome vs New Jack bloody with tons of weapons being used

2. Nova vs Chris Candido Doring and Road Kill comes in Cat fight!!!!

3. Tommy Dreamer + Raven + Impact Players brawl for the first time

4. Tommy Dreamer challenges Raven

5. Rhino vs Kid Cash

6. Rhino vs Sabu

7. Taz vs Sabu Impact Players come in

8. Lou E fights with Paul E

9. Lance Storm vs Tommy Dreamer Raven + Justin Credible come in

10. Raven bloody interview/Nova interview

11. Baldies attack Nova until Balls + Axl come in great

12. Raven interview

13. Francine + Dawn Marie catfight Sandman comes back during this

14. Baldies vs Balls + Axl New Jack comes in and gets his eye stapled

15. Spike vs Guido vs Super Crazy

16. RVD/Sabu/Lynn/Rhino/Raven/Corino/Impact Players/Dreamer interviews

17. Steve Corino vs Jerry Lynn

18. Tajiri vs Super Crazy

19. Rhino vs Sandman Dreamer + Raven come in