ECW TNN Episodes 25-28

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<br /><br />1. Spike vs Dupps<br /><br />2. Raven + Mikey Promos<br /><br />3. New Jack + Balls promo<br /><br />4. Dreamer vs Mikey Raven runs in<br /><br />5. Justin Credible vs Raven Lance Storm comes in<br /><br />6. Dusty Rhodes interview + Corino and gang come in and attack him until Sandman comes in<br /><br />7. Super Nova + Chris Chetti vs Doring + RoadKill Impact Players come in<br /><br />8. Mike Awesome interview<br /><br />9. CW Anderson vs Super Crazy<br /><br />10. Tanaka vs Mike Awesome<br /><br />11. Paul E hands over the belt to Cyrus great angel<br /><br />12. Sandman vs Rhino Tajiri + Corino come in<br /><br />13. Dupps vs Doring + RoadKill<br /><br />14. Dreamer + Raven vs Impact Players<br /><br />15. Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley<br /><br />16. Impact Players beat up Tanaka<br /><br />17. Corino interview<br /><br />18. Super Crazy vs Tajiri vs Little Guido<br /><br />19. Francine + Dreamer have a lovers spat and Dreamer goes to piledrive<br />her and Raven attacks him<br /><br />20 Impact Players vs Dreamer + Tanaka title change great<br />