Eddie Kingston Shoot Interview

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The DOI is proud to announce that we’ve filmed a new shoot interview, this time with former CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Kingston!
Kingston, who is one of the realest wrestlers around, wastes no time recapping his entire career. Kingston starts off with some strong words about his former trainer Kevin Knight, as he verbally tears Kevin Knight to shreds.

Kingston moves on and talks about how he hooked up with Quackenbush & Chikara. Kingston also talks in-depth about his CZW, IWA-MidSouth & Chikara career. Kingston also talks about other promotions and talks about everything BLKOUT related.

This is one shoot that you don’t want to miss out on, as Kingston doesn’t hesitate and speaks his mind on every subject asked.

Here are some of the questions from our question list that we asked Kingston:

Were you always a fan of the business growing up?
What was your childhood like and did your parents push you to watch wrestling? Did your family ever think you’d be a wrestler?
Favorite memories of wrestling growing up?
Who did you train with? Did you train with Kevin Knight’s IWF?
In our Ricky O shoot, Ricky said Kevin Knight was gay, do you agree with that?
Is it true that Kevin Knight takes money away from his students from their
What was it like training with Kevin?
Why don’t you think Kevin never made it?
IWF memories?
What people did you meet in IWF and who was cool and who were dicks?
Does IWF have a good brand name for up and comers in your eyes?
Did Kevin ever try to bully you? Did you ever feel like an outcast there?
What finally made you leave Kevins? What was Kevin’s reaction?
How did you make the transition from Kevin’s IWF to Mike Quackenbush’s school?
Differences between Quack & Kevin Knight?
Who was cool at Quacks?
Who made an impact for you at Quacks and helped you?
Who’s a better trainer?
How come Quack didn’t give you a mask like other wrestlers?
How did the Wild Cards team up?
Thoughts on early Wild Card matches?
Thoughts on Quack’s style? Do you think it looks too choreographed?
Early thoughts on Chikara vs. IWF at the time?
Thoughts on veterans & critics thinking the Chikara style is too much like Mortal Kombat?
Is Chikara for everyone?
Thoughts on branching out at the time in JCW with Black Jack Marciano?
Did you always want to be a tag or singles wrestler?
Thoughts on branching out to CZW and IWA MS at the time?
First impressions of CZW & IWA MS? Who did you guys wrestle there?
Thoughts on meeting Chris Hero at IWA MS? Is it true he took you underneath his wing?
Thoughts on wrestling Homicide & B Boy for IWA MS?
Thoughts on meeting CM Punk for the first time? Did you ever have backstage problems with Punk in IWA-MS?
Thoughts on meeting Ian? Do you think Ian is a good promoter?
What led to the break up of your time? Why did Black Jack retire? Did you always think you’d be the “Shawn Michaels” of the team?
Thoughts on going singles? How was the transition?
Who started booking you when you started doing singles? How did you go from the Chikara style to the strong style of wrestling?
How did BLKOUT form? Thoughts on all the BLKOUT members? Are you cool with those guys in real life?
Did you know BLKOUT would be a success that other promotions would want to use the stable all over?
Thoughts on the Philly wars and joining up with CZW?
Thoughts on Zandig?
Thoughts on the Backseat Boyz in CZW?
Thoughts on strong style and do you think it’s replaced hardcore as the new popular style of wrestling?
Favorite early CZW memories and matches?
Thoughts on wrestling Super Dragon in CZW?
Thoughts on Tournament of Death?
Thoughts on the Chikara World Prix tag tournament? Do you think it’s a tournament that needs more exposure?
Thoughts on Sexxy Eddy?
Thoughts on Chris Cash & his unfortunate passing?
Did Ian Rotten ever stiff you on pay?
Thoughts on deathmatches? Do you a deathmatch show takes away from the lure and blow off of a regular deathmatch?
Did you try to stay out of the NJ wrestling scene on purpose?
Thoughts on the formation of PWU? Were you ever pressured from CZW not to go there?
Thoughts on the Backseats as promoters?
Thoughts on the PWU vs. CZW war? Thoughts on Burns leaving CZW for PWU?
Thoughts on Burns as a booker? Thoughts on Sabato as a booker?
Do you think CZW’s booking has much to be desired?
Thoughts on Claudio Castagnoli?
Thoughts on wrestling Chris Hero in PW Elite?
Did you get any heat for wrestling for an RF company by any other company at the time when you did Elite?
Thoughts on Allison Danger?
Thoughts on winning the CZW Tag Titles with Joker from Kings of Wrestling?
Thoughts on early 2006 in CZW, Chikara & IWA-MS when you first started blowing up on the indy scene?
What promotion do you think did the most for your career?
Thoughts on the whole ROH vs. CZW feud? Did that elevate your career you think?
How important is a refs role in wrestling in your eyes? Favorite ref? Least Favorite?
Thoughts on Chris Hero’s rise on the indy scene?
Thoughts on IWS?
Thoughts on UWA Hardcore Wrestling and your matches there?
Thoughts on IWA Deep South?
Thoughts on BLKOUT members jumping to PWU in late summer 2006?
Were you offered to jump to PWU at the time? Thoughts on the intrenet rumor that you were given the CZW title because you didn’t go to PWU?
Thoughts on winning the CZW title? Would you consider that the biggest win of your career?
Do you think CZW has added too many people to BLKOUT? Do you think got n W o-ish?
Thoughts on Robbie Mireno?
Thoughts on Chrissy Rivera and who did she service to get into BLKOUT?
Thoughts on Corporal Robinson?
Thoughts on Necro Butcher?
Thoughts on Gung Ho Wrestling?
Thoughts on your match with Danny Demanto at GHW?
Thoughts on defending the CZW World title in other feds? Did you get heat or praised for doing that and making the title mean something?
Thoughts on wrestling for Pro Wrestling Xplosion?
Thoughts on the current state of indy wrestling? Do you think its better than when you first started?
Thoughts on your feud with Larry Sweeney and your strap match with him in IWS?
Thoughts on Lufisto?
Thoughts on your debut in JAPW when you just scouted? Who’s idea was that? What made you start w restling for JAPW when you’ve stayed out of there for so long? What do you hope to accomplish in JAPW?
Thoughts on MXW & Joel Gertner?
Thoughts on Justice Pain? How come you don’t think he’s ever connected with a non-CZW crowd?
Thoughts on winning the IWA MS Strong Style Tournament? Thoughts on the finals with Drake Younger?
Thoughts on NHPW and your match with Eddie Guapo?
Thoughts about losing the CZW title at COD? Were you planned to lose the match before you were injured?
Thougthts on your injury and how much longer until you return?
How many bookings did you lose because of your injury?
Thoughts on FIP and are you looking forward to debuting there?
Were you supposed to wrestle for WXW in Germany before your injury?
Thoughts on the internet in wrestling? Thoughts on CZWFans?
Do you think wrestlers should be promoters?
Favorite matches?
Thoughts on dating in the wrestling business. Is it for you?
Are you looking forward to your return in March?
What will be your first matches back?
Who do you think just needs a big break on the indys and who really run with a ball if given to them?
What feds would you like to work for that you haven’t worked for yet?
Who do you consider a real friend in wrestling right now since its so hard to have true friends in this business?
Word Assosication: Chris Hero; CM Punk; Justice Pain; Necro Butcher; Sabian; Joker; Ruckus; Alicia; Ian Rotten;
Ariel; Danny DeManto; Homicide; B Boy; Jade Chung; Zandig; Doug Gentry; Kevin Matthews; Jimmy Jacobs;
Lacey; Kamala; Teddy Hart; Rockin Rebel
What do you want to say to anyone watching this?