Eddy Mansfield Shoot Interview

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Eddy Mansfield Exposing the Business, you Decide???  For the first time ever Eddy Mansfield openly talks about everything that led him to his 1984 appearance on 20/20.  Just when wrestling was peeking,  what lead Eddy to contact ABC News and why did he do it?  You will hear everything that lead up to that event including his fall out with Ole Anderson who was the booker at the time for Georgia Champinship Wrestling.  What really happened behind the scenes with that 20/20 piece and what is the real story with Dr D David Shultz and John Stossel?  You will hear everything including the fall out and how ABC might have double crossed Eddy.  We ask all the tough questions and ask Eddy why he did what he did to the business in 1984.  From blading on National TV to teaching John Stossel how to bump.  We do not miss a beat.  You will be shocked at his answer and his views.  Did he really expose wrestling and break Kfabe?  You will have to decide for yourself.

Did Eddy have beef with Vince at the time of the expose?  Eddy talks about his time working in TX for Joe Blanchard in great detail exposing some dark secrets of Tully Blanchard.  Eddy has worked with every major name in the business so we had a huge laundry list of names for him to talk about.  What about the Brody murder?  What really happened to Gino Hernandez.  What happened in the World Class territory with the Von Erichs and drugs.  You will hear some crazy Von Erich stories as Eddy shoots hard on Fritz Von Erich!!
What are his thoughts on the Abby rumors and hepatitis C and what happened with Abby in Atlanta a few weeks ago.  What does Eddy think about TNA and Vince Russo?  Wait until you hear what he has to say about Eric Bischoff and secret phone calls that Eric was making to him to try to get WCW into Universal studios.  We talk about Hogan, Flair, Wahoo, Jaggers, Funks, Briscoes, Dusty, Sullivan and the list goes on with about 50 guys listed on our sheets!!!!

You will hear all about the launch of his promotion and why he quit.  What does he think about todays wrestling product?  The best part of the interview by far is when we talk in full detail about the 20/20 piece that aired.  If your a fan of the 80’s NWA, Georgia, Texas territories your going to love this shoot.

Eddy also puts to rest or maybe introduces a new story on why Tommy Rich got the NWA title…this one is crazy.  He also shows tons of cool documents to back up his claim that promoters got together to blackball him, including showing court documents.  This stuff has never been seen before including a kfabe book that only NWA promoters got!!!!

Eddy holds nothing back and shoots hard on a lot of people that did him wrong.  What does he think of JJ Dillon as a booker?  Why did he quit Florida after just a few weeks in the company?  Do not miss your chance to finally get to see the Eddy Mansfield shoot interview.  You decide for yourself if Eddy helped the business or hurt it!!