Elix Skipper Shoot Interview

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RF Video has the chance to sit down with “Primetime” Elix Skipper on 3/25/05 in Totowa, NJ to talk about his life and career up to this point. We talked about his early days and what it was like to train in the WCW power plant. He talks about how he got spotted by Vince Russo and what it was like in the WCW locker room as a green rookie. He talks about working with all the greats from this time like Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio Jr, and Kevin Nash. We talk about all the top names in WCW and how they treated him. Elix was there went the company folded and he talks about what went down at the last Nitro show. He talked about team Canada and teaming with Lance Storm and Mike Awesome.
Elix also talks about getting signed by the WWE and why he was sent to HWA and his feeling on it. He holds nothng back in this shoot. We then talk about his leg injury and how he ended up going to work for All Japan thru Great Muta. Elix talks about how he got into TNA. We talk about Low Ki, Chris Daniels and the XXX group. We discuss the booking in TNA with Vince Russo and Dusty Rhodes. We talk about all the latest rumors about TNA and all of his feuds in TNA. This is our first interview with anyone from the TNA era so this is a great look into the company of TNA. Here is a list of some questions that we asked Elix:

How did you get started
Were you a fan growing up
Talk about your high school and collegiate football career
What was the party scene like in the CFL
Did you play with anyone notable
How did your experiences as a professional football player help you in wrestling
How did you develop your sense of balance and timing
What brought you to the power plant
Did you train anywhere else before that
Who was in your training class
What was the school like
Thoughts on Buddy Lee Parker as a trainer
Do you think that the WCW school should have had someone with more credibility than a Buddy Lee Parker as their head trainer
Thoughts on Pez Whatley and his passing
Thoughts on Jody Hamilton
How often did Eric Bischoff or anyone in management come to the school
Take us through the day you were told you would be called up
What was it like the first time you showed up at Nitro
Memories of your debut match with Prince Iakea
How did the other wrestlers treat you
Did anyone rib you or give you a hard time
Did anyone take you under their wing
Did you do anything wrong that you can remember the first night
Initial impressions and thoughts meeting Bischoff
Initial impressions and thoughts meeting Vince Russo
Memories of your first PPV and the match with Alan Funk
What were the politics in WCW like then
Who were your traveling partners
Did you experience any racism
Thoughts on the lawsuit by Bobby Walker against WCW which he won
How did you wind up being paired with Lance Storm
Thoughts on Lance
Is lance as dry off television as he was on television
What did you learn from Lance
Thoughts on being paired with Mike Awesome
Anything you can remember that he may have told you
Did he ever tell you his version of the story about leaving ECW
Did you ever consider trying to get into ECW before you went to the Power Plant
Memories of working Rey Misterio Jr
Why were you just given the Cruiserweight title by Lance and not go over anyone
Do you think it killed credibility to the belt
How much did you see a power struggle going on in WCW between Bischoff, Russo, Nash, and Hogan
How were you treated by and thoughts on Nash
Memories of Hogan, treated by and thoughts
What do you think killed WCW
Are you bitter about WCW dying
Would you have been part of Eric Bischoff’s new WCW
How did you find out it was sold
What was your reaction as well as the other guys
How were you treated by and thoughts on Sting
How were you treated by and thoughts on Luger
Thoughts on Goldberg
Thoughts on Kidman’
Thoughts on Konnan
Thoughts on Buff Bagwell
Thoughts on Flair
Thoughts on Ernest Miller
Thoughts on Scott Steiner
What do you remember about wrestling AJ Styles in WCW
What do you remember about the final Nitro
Take us through how things were ran from the moment you entered the building until after you left
How soon did you know that you would be picked up by WWE
Did you have a meeting with anyone to go over yours and their expectations
What were your thoughts when you were told you going to have to be retrained down in HWA
Do you think you needed to be retrained or do you think you were ready to step into the WWE
Thoughts on Les Thatcher
What was the attitude like amongst the guys that had WWE contracts that came from WCW but were sent to HWA
Do you remember the fight between Shane Helms and Buff at Titan Towers
Are you surprised at how successful Shane has been over there as compared to Shannon
Talk about your injury that you suffered while in HWA
Les Thatcher once said that you werent the same after your injury, do you agree
Were you told at any point you were about to be called up
How were you told you were being released
Did you want to quit wrestling at that time
You went through a lot in the business in such a short time, thoughts
Steroids in wrestling, thoughts
How did you wind up in All Japan
Why did they want to put a mask on you
Thoughts on your tours
Thoughts on Muta
Thoughts on kawada
Favorite matches in Japan
Thoughts on Bill Behrens and Wildside
Before you hooked on with TNA in a big role were you concerend you would have to get another job besides wrestling or quit altogether
Memories of your first match in TNA
What were your expectations after talking to Jeff
Do you think that in order for the company to grow a fan base that Jeff needs to drop the belt
Thoughts, memories working Low Ki
Was he difficult to work with
Was it difficult doing the XXX gimmick with Ki and Chris going to Japan so often
Who came up with the idea of XXX and putting you three together
Compare Jerry Jarrett and Dusty as bookers
Does the financial stability of TNA worry you
What did you think when Chris Rose wore a wrestling is fake shirt on the best damned sports show
Thoughts on Raven
Thoughts on Sabu
Thoughts on MOnty Brown
Thoughts on Jerry Lynn’
Thoughts on Shane Douglas
Thoughts on AMW
Do you think AMW made a bad move not going to the WWE
Why was your first cage match with them the opener on the card and do you think it hurt the match
Thoughts on Abyss
Your contract status
Do you think AJ and Chris will stay when their deals are up
Memories of teaming with Brian Christopher against Scott Hall and Sean Waltman
What was it like putting a match together with those guys
Thoughts on Red and the Maximos
Thoughts on Kid Kash
Do you think Vince Russo put himself over too much
Can TNA compete with Vince
Is it true that you wanted to do your tight rope walk/hurracanrana cage spot awhile back
Did it turn out as you expected
What kind of impact did hitting the ring from that high have on your body
Was it worth it?
How do you practice something like that
How exhausted were you when you did it
Thoughts on working the Sandman
What happened with Jerrelle Clark and the match he got stiffed ( I dont know if he was involved but I think he was for some reason)
Thoughts on working Sonjay and the match at the ppv you had with him a few shows back
Do you find it hard to stay focused in TNA, it seems the booking is very inconsistent in that a guy will have a main event match or big feud and then next week work a dark match, example Kid Kash at the last PPV
Thoughts on Petey Williams
Did you see the Teddy Hart-CM Punk fight
Thoughts on Teddy
Do you think it was unfair when Hall, Nash, Savage, and Page came in with big pushes and big contracts at the expense of the core talent
Do you enjoy being a face or heel more
Thoughts on your upcoming series with Chris Daniels
Thoughts on Frankie Kazarian leaving
If TNA got the Rock do you think it would make a big difference
Do you think it hurts the X division that it is never on last
What do you think your best match in WCW was
How do you like the 6 sided ring
Who do you enjoy teaming with more or did? Lance Storm or Chris Daniels, compare the two
Who do you enjoy watching
Would you ever entertain the possibility of going to the WWE
Would you ever want to compete in MMA
What did you think of the last Ultimate X match
Do you think Dusty is killing the gimmick
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Good ribs and road stories
Career goals for the next year and five years