Eric Embry Shoot Interview

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It is a real honor for RF VIDEO to get to sit down with a true legend in the wrestling business especially someone who not only performed in the wrestling ring but someone who was a booker in a few major wrestling territories.  That person is Eric Embry.  Not only was he a main stay in almost every wrestling territory in the 80′ and 90’s but he was also responsible for some major angles that are still talked about to this day.

Eric has wrestled all over the country and has worked with everyone under the sun.  For the first time ever Eric sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his entire wrestling career.  His stories are amazing as he was very happy to share some of his fondest memories with us.

This was an incredible interview and if your a fan of the Memphis, Florida, World Class territories your going to love it.  We talked all about the Von Erichs, Puerto Rico, Bruiser Brody murder, drugs, ring rats, Jerry Lawler, USWA vs WCCW feuds and so much more.  If your a fan of Eric this will be one interview you can’t pass up on.  He talkes about all of his major programs and also major angles that he was involved in.  He was super open with us and he did not hold anything back.  We also talked in great detail about southwest champion wrestling and what is was like for him to become the booker of Puerto Rico and Texas with the Von Erichs.

How did you get into the business
Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
Memories of your first match
What was the hardest thing about breaking into the business back then
How long were you kayfabed for
Did any vets mentor you early on
Did any vets test you
How did you get into Florida
Memories of working for Eddie Graham early on
Did you like the territory
Memories of Dusty Rhodes
Memories of Jack Brisco
Memories of the Funks from this territory
How did you develop your promos
Memories of Mark Lewin
Memories of Andre the Giant
Any good road stories from Florida
Thoughts on Mike Graham
Memories of Barry Windham
Memories of matches with JJ Dillon
Memories of working with a young Onita
How big was it to get the TV title
Did you feel any added pressure
Memories working for Leroy McGuirk
Memories of David Von Erich
Memories of Ric Flair from this time
Memories of the Iron Sheik from this territory
Memories teaming with a young Terry Allen
Memories of Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody
Memories of Hiro Matsuda
Memories of matches with Ray Stevens
Why did you move to Southwest
Memories of Joe Blanchard
Memories of Tully
Memories of Gino Hernandez
Whose idea was it to team you with Ken Timbs
Thoughts on Ken
Memories of matches with Al Perez and Manny Fernandez
Did Ken leave you in a bind when he left
Thoughts on being paired with Dan Greer
Which did you prefer
Any good road stories
Memories of your babyface turn
Memories of matches with the Sheepherders
Memories of Bob Sweetan
Memories of Bobby Jaggers
How did business change when you guys got on the USA Network
How did it change when Vince took the timeslot
When did you realize that Southwest was in trouble
How did you wind up in Puerto Rico
How hot was the territory
Memories teaming with Rip Morgan
Thoughts on Carlos Colon
Memories of matches with the Invader
Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody murder
Thoughts on Chicky Starr
Favorite guys to work with
Least favorite
Any good road stories
Did you ever try and get in with Vince or Crockett
How did you wind up in World Class
Thoughts on Fritz
Thoughts on the Von Erichs
Memories of Kerry from this time
Memories of the Freebirds
Memories of Iceman Parsons
Memories of Chris Adams
How were the Von Erichs handling the decline in business
Memories of Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of Gary Hart
Memories of matches with Shaun Simpson
Memories of teaming with Terry Taylor
Were you surprised when Bill Watts sold
Memories of matches with Steve Casey
How did things change when Jerry Jarrett took over
Do you think Jerry ran World Class into the ground
Thoughts on Jerry Lawler
Memories of matches with Jeff Jarrett
Memories of the Texas vs. Tennessee feud
Memories of working with a young Mick Foley
Memories of Super Clash
How did you wind up with the book
Did you like booking
Did you find yourself being treated differently by the boys
Do you think you were a successful booker
Favorite angle you booked
Do you think it was bad for business when the name changed to USWA
Memories of matches with Gary Young
A lot of guys from that era say he was underrated, do you agree
Memories of Eddie Gilbert
How did your career come to an end
Do you think you?d still be wrestling
Who was the best guy you have ever been in the ring with
Thoughts on steroids in wrestling
Do you think you would have had a national run
Fav and least fav guys you worked with
Best rib you ever saw
What do you do today
Would you like to get back involved in the business as either an agent or booker
Does the lack of kayfabe today bother you
What happened to your school
Thoughts on Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan wrestling today
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Would you ever write a book