Extreme Chronicles Vol. 1- Rob Van Dam

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Extreme Chronicles hosted by the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer is unlike any other DVD you have even seen before from RFVIDEO. Tommy Dreamer is not only an ECW original, but he was a major factor in having the ECW formula take off. He was also Paul Heyman’s right hand man. If anyone knows where the bodies are buried it’s Tommy Dreamer.

The Extreme Chronicles is more than just a shoot interview. Tommy Dreamer takes us back to the Extreme days of ECW and he sit’s down with the key talent that put ECW on the map. Tommy knows what buttons to push, what are the best stories from the locker room, politics, drugs and so much more. Having Tommy sit down with each ECW legend is what’s best for business. The guys will feel comfortable in sharing their side of the story with Tommy more than anyone else. Tommy is a friend of everyone in ECW so we can just sit back and be a fly on the wall and let him make magic.

Our interview with RVD was 17 years in the making. RVD took the RFVIDEO hot seat in the middle of his ECW career and during the infant stages of our company doing shoot style interviews. We have been salivating at the opportunity to bring him back to our headquarters and with the new Extreme Chronicle series there was nobody better than RVD to kick off the new series!!

This DVD is so enlightening and RVD and Dreamer both mentioned how they told each other stories that they never knew before about each other. This interview was all about the career of RVD and so in depth when it came to his ECW run. Tommy hits him up about all the tough topics including drugs, Louie Spicolli passing away and how it taught him a lesson. RVD talks with Tommy about his own past issues with pills and I was blown away how open and honest he was. You will find out why RVD is not in the WWE right now. His views on his TNA run, yes we got off topic at times!! His first run in with Sabu and the lessons that he learned from his mentor. His business meetings with Paul Heyman. Tommy Dreamer told NEVER before stories on how Paul Heyman was playing double agent to both WWE and ECW and working the boys. You will hear a story that has NEVER been told before on what happened when Paul Heyman took Tommy Dreamer back stage during the ECW beginning workings with WWE and how Tommy stole the IC title from a prop truck. This story is hilarious on how Paul reacted when Dreamer told him about the title that was in his backseat.

You will hear all about RVD most infamous battles, what really happened with RVD and Tazz and there was new information that was told to RVD from Tommy Dreamer that he never had confirmed until this tell all interview. You will hear about his battles with the Eliminators, Sabu, Balls, Spike, Axl Rotten, Chris Jericho, Jerry Lynn and of course Bam Bam Bigelow.

Some amazing highlights were told by RVD on politics in the WWE and what someone told him he had to do to get into Vince inner circle and how RVD reacted to it. What happened when RVD broke the leg of One Man Gang? Why did he never face Raven in a program. How did he come up with the idea of One Night Stand and how did he get it off the ground? What was the real reaction that Vince gave him with the concept to bring back ECW.

The conversation gets intense when they talk about Paul Heyman relationship with the WWE and how it effected both of them behind the scenes. The stories that they shared during this segment of the DVD make it worth the price alone.

Tommy Dreamer touched on every sensitive subject and made this interview with Mr. Monday Night 5 stars just like his infamous splash.