Face Off Vol. 13- A Funkin’ Dream

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Is it reality or is it a dream? RF VIDEO is happy to present Face Off Volume 13 “A Funkin’ Dream” with Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer!!! This was by far one of our best Face Off interviews to date with two of the most infamous men of all time who roamed in the land of Extreme. When we told Tommy Dreamer that he would be sitting Face to Face with his mentor Terry Funk he was more than ecstatic. Tommy said, “This is going to be a great concept interview and I can’t wait to take part of this project.”

If you’re a ECW, TNA or WWE fan your going to enjoy this. This was Tommy’s second ever shoot interview and he talks so much about ECW, TNA and WWE. The Funker even predicts this years Mania PPV main event with the Undertaker, claims Paul Heyman is working for WWE again and also talk a lot about what TNA might be doing wrong and how they can improve.

The questions that we ask both men might might shock you. Tommy has worked inside the WWE and TNA offices and has hired dozens of the top wrestlers in the WWE and TNA that you see right now on TV. He has worked with everyone in the ring. Terry Funk is just a genius and in this interview they talk all about the industry of pro wrestling and what happened in the locker rooms of all the companies they worked for.

They talk about their time in ECW together and Tommy discusses what Terry Funk meant to him as a young wrestler breaking into ECW. We cover all the main talent in ECW and they share a ton of never told before locker room stories.

The best part of this interview is just sitting back and listening to these two talk to each other about wrestling in general and what is wrong with todays product and how it could be changed for the better. The amount of information you get during this shoot is so entertaining and informative that Terry Funk proves why he was able to stay relevant for all of these years. This is one hardcore interview you will not want to miss!

Talk about the differences in how you each got into the business
Terry, what were indys like back in the 70s
Initial impressions upon meeting each other
When the both of you started with ECW, how far did you think it would go
Tommy, how important was it to have Terry in the locker room back then
Do the both of you think that a big problem with startup independents is the lack of veteran leadership
Tommy, did you ever go to Terry for advice early on
Terry, what do you think separated Tommy from the other guys
People call Paul Heyman an evil genius, do you guys agree
Who were your favorite guys to watch in ECW (both)
How much of an influence do you think ECW had on what wrestling has become
Can you talk about the fans, the passion of the ECW fans
What did it mean to the two of you to see ECW get on pay per view
Tommy, how do you keep a feud with one guy (Raven) fresh for over a year without burning out the crowd
Terry, do you think a long feud like that could work in wrestling today
Terry, what were the differences between ECW and Smokey Mountain
Some would say that when Raven left it opened a crack in the dam so to speak, would you guys agree
What did you guys think of doing the cross promotional angles with the WWE
Were there ever any plans for you guys to work a program with each other during the first go around
Do you think Sabu did it all for nothing in retrospect
How important was it to keep a sense of old school and even kayfabe at times in the locker room
How did the two of you each develop and become better promo wrestlers
Thoughts on Mick Foley and his role in ECW
Was it tough Terry to leave ECW
What was the plan for the feud with you two when Terry came back
How disappointed are you guys that it never happened
Championships mean so little in todays wrestling, yet it was a huge deal when you each won the ECW title. Can you talk about that and the lack of impact today?
Can you guys talk about the lack of blood in today’s wrestling and the ban in the WWE
Can you guys talk a little about concussions and chair shots
Who were some guys in ECW that you both felt never got the break they deserved with the WWE or even TNA for that matter
How did things change when WCW was sold
Do you think it is time to end the ECW revivals and reunions
If the two of you had the opportunity to start a company today with television, how would you go about it to make it different and successful
You guys worked under a lot of different bookers in the last decade and a half. Who were some of your favorite and least favorite?
Do you think Vince McMahon is too disconnected from today’s pop culture
Why don’t the two of you think someone hasn’t made Paul Heyman an offer he couldn’t refuse to book?
Can you guys talk about the UFC’s influence on wrestling
What are the differences in calling a match today as opposed to 15-20 years ago
Do you think there comes a point when guys like Hogan and Flair need to just step aside
Who are some guys that don’t get enough credit for their place in wrestling history
What makes a great brawl as opposed to a brawl that just looks phony
Both of your thoughts on the CM Punk angle from July
Thoughts on WWE bringing back ECW
What are some of the major lessons Tommy you learned from Terry and Terry, maybe you learned from Tommy
Do you guys miss being on the road every weekend with the same group of guys
What is the one thing you wish someone told you before you got into the business
You have both worked in TNA, do you think they get a bad rap from critics
What would be surprised to know about Dixie Carter
Do you think she is smart enough to make it work
A lot of fans criticize the booking, are they missing something
What is the most heated either one of you guys ever got over an angle or booking idea
Tommy, you had a long tenure in the WWE. How did you make it work, being that most people don’t stick around that long
Terry, is it tough for you to stay in one place at a time.
Favorite tag team partners
Stiffest opponents you guys ever worked with
Thoughts on the Wrestler movie
Could you make it if you were just coming up and breaking into the indys
Any plans to go back to TNA or WWE for either of you guys
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling
Can you make a living in wrestling not working for TNA or the WWE
What is the most embarrassing match you have ever been in
Who was the most overrated guy you have ever worked with
Who was the most underrated guy you have ever worked with
Any matches you regret
Favorite ribs
Favorite road stories
Thoughts on how the business has changed over the last 20 years
Is it tough for an adult to be a pro wrestling fan today
Thoughts on controversy about Adullah the Butcher cutting guys and allegedly giving them Hep C
Both of you guys worked memorable feuds with Jerry Lawler, thoughts on Lawler
Can ROH break through with their recent sale to Sinclair
Why did Philadelphia work so well for ECW
Is psychology a lost art today
Do you think pay per view is a dying market in pro wrestling
Terry, what do you think about the rise of social media and how available wrestlers are to their fans today
Is Eric Bischoff really that smart or just a lucky guy in the right place at the right time
Tommy, Paul was interviewed and said that if he got the TNA job he would have fired all of the veterans which would have likely included you. Thoughts?
Who in TNA has that “it” factor
Who in the WWE today has “it” that isn’t getting a big push
Where do you guys think the business will be in 10 years