Face Off Vol. 14- New Jack vs. Balls Mahoney

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Face Off Vol.14- New Jack vs. Balls Mahoney… this is as real as it gets outside of the pro wrestling rings. Every once in a while you have two very strong personalities that just don’t like each other. Someone might start something and usually it ends up in a fist fight inside the locker room which is the case we have had here between New Jack and Balls Mahoney in Philly at the ECW reunion show in June of 2012.The only thing about this feud is it never ended the night they fought. It was left unfinished, until the night RF VIDEO brought them together for one of the most unforgettable DVDs of all time and you can watch it unfold like never before.


This DVD starts out with both men pulling up to the undisclosed location at the time and our camera crew was there to meet them and get their thoughts on what was about to happen. We followed them as they both entered into the venue to be met by a real life police officer who conducted full body searches.

From there we kept them separated until it was time to have them FACE to FACE!!!  What happened over the course of the DVD will never be recaptured again…there were no scripts, there were no angles this was all 100% real life and it blows away any reality show I have seen to date.

We had everyone involved sign waivers, as no matter what our cameras captured, we wanted to be able to release the footage without and legal ramifications in case it went crazy. This was done in a great location where NOBODY could stop it or kick us out of the venue if things went crazy. Everything would be documented for you.

If there is one DVD you must own it’s this one right here. As a bonus we are adding some matches between the two and there will be some other bonus footage on the DVD as well!  Face Off Vol.14- New Jack vs. Balls Mahoney just upped the ante in our reality series and after you view it, you will see why!!!!