Face Off Vol. 15- Stronger Than Death & Hurricanes

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It’s time for RF VIDEO to bring you another addition to our Face Off DVD series and this time we went out and found two of the most open and honest pro wrestlers who both achieved so much success in the pro wrestling industry.  One half of the Hardy Boys Matt Hardy and Shane Helms broke into the business around the same year and their careers pretty much paralleled each other.   One went into the WWE with his brother and the other started out in WCW as a cruiserweight.  Both men met for the first time as they put in their hours doing the local indy scene in the Carolinas.  Their paths crossed for the first time in Omega where they both learned the ropes and started their journey to superstardom.For the first time ever RF VIDEO brings together both men to discuss the current state of the pro wrestling business in 2012.  This interview will make any sheet reader/smart mark/internet fan drool at the topics that we discussed. Not only do we talk about their history together in the business until the time they shared the same locker room, but we talk about some of pro wrestlings biggest stories from the past few years. Matt and Shane tell collaborative stories on other superstars that they shared the spotlight with.  Because they are best friends the chemistry for this DVD is amazing.


What really happened with the Chris Jericho/Shane Helms fist fight? This is a hilarious story told by Matt Hardy.  What kind of tests did both men face once they got into the WWE locker room?  They both share stories about meetings with Vince McMahon.   What was it like when the WCW talent entered the WWE locker room?  They Chris Benoit story…Favorite WWE Writers…Thoughts on Paul Heyman and ECW…CM Punk and his rise to power…How they would book certain aspects of the WWE…Thoughts on John Cena and his character…Who is the biggest mark for themselves in the business?…Rock…Undertaker…Steve Austin stories… Johnny Ace behind the scene stories…locker room fights…HBK and his backstage behavior…Plus loads of behind the scene stories never heard before as Matt and Shane talk for 3 hours telling us some of the best behind the scene stories of all time.  This is the kind of DVD you will watch over and over again because the stories are all entertaining.  Just read our questions below as we outlined all the topics that we talked about.  Don’t miss Face Off Vol. 15 with Matt Hardy and Shane Helms!!!!

How did you guys meet
Were you both fans of the same wrestlers
At what point did you each start training together
Memories of your first matches against each other
Did you both feel you’d make it someday or was it just for fun
How different was the business back then
Was there anything that annoyed you guys about each other
Any good road stories from the early days
Are you guys surprised that it took all of these years for Christian York to get a spot on the big shows
Memories of Shannon Moore
Did either of you guys ever try to get into ECW or had any talks
How about anywhere in Japan
Did Matt get into WWE before Shane got into WCW or vice versa
Did you guys stay in touch with each other
Who do you think had a rougher path to get to the top
Can you guys discuss differences in WCW and WWE at that time
Were either of you guys ribbed at all by the vets
Was there ever any conversation about you guys both working together at some point either after Shane’s contract was up or Matt’s
When WCW closed did Matt try and get Shane into the WWE
When the WCW guys started coming over they reportedly had a lot of heat. How did Shane stay clear of that and how did Matt stay clear of any guilt by association
Can you both the describe the dressing room situation at the time
Was there ever a situation or a match where you guys went to each other for advice
Shane, how much easier was assimilating into the WWE with friends like Matt there
Can you each talk about Vince McMahon and the different interactions you have had with him over the years, misconceptions, good stories
Do you guys think Vince has lost his touch
Were you both surprised when Eric Bischoff came over
Do you guys have any fun road stories or WWE ribs
Both talk about The Undertaker and any stories
Both talk about Steve Austin, stories, in and out of the ring
Both talk about The Rock
Matt, were you surprised at how well Shane was pushed as the Hurricane
How does life change for both of you when you become WWE superstars
What was it like to be a part of the WWE during the early 2000s when it was so hot
Was it any different than WCW for Shane? Were you more recognizable or less now that you had a mask and paint
Memories, stories on Chris Jericho
Memories, stories on Stephanie McMahon
Memories and stories in and out of the ring on Triple H
Do you think he gets a bad wrap
Do you think he is ready to take over
How different do you think the WWE will be with him in charge
Random question, thoughts on RAW going to three hours
How did the Chris Benoit tragedies affect the both of you
Thoughts on Paul Heyman when he was writing SmackDown
Favorite and least favorite writers to work for
Whether it was WWE, TNA, or WCW, the dumbest ideas or angles ever pitched to you guys from a booker
Is it hard to adjust to life on the indys after the WWE
Can you guys talk about the grind of the road in the WWE
You guys have both had incidents out of the ring that received publicity on TMZ.com. How did you guys handle it? How do you prepare for something like that? Is there a breaking point?
Thoughts on the ECW rebrand in the WWE
Thoughts on AJ Styles
Thoughts on Samoa Joe
Best fight you ever saw between 2 wrestlers
You were both early social media users in pro wrestling. What are your thoughts on the WWE’s use of Twitter
Can they do it better, are they using it incorrectly, are they hitting the mark
What would you do if you were in charge of the WWE’s social media account
Matt, you were a real user of You Tube. How do you think Tout will do
It appears there is a big shift over the last few years in the WWE when it comes to writing. More soap opera-ish writing, what do you guys think
Thoughts on CM Punk
Is CM Punk a draw
Thoughts on John Cena
Is it time to promote someone new
Thoughts and memories of Cena
Is Cena too much of a company guy
Do you think Cena gets a bad wrap
Thoughts on Ryback
Should he have beaten Punk at Hell in a Cell?
Why do you think so many fans boo Cena?
Do you guys absolutely hate Steve Austin’s What?
Who in the WWE do you think has it if anyone in regards to being a big draw
Can the WWE have another boom period
Can TNA or any other company ever offer competition
Do you think that the UFC has any impact on pro wrestling business
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar coming back
Thoughts on Hogan and Bischoff’s TNA run
Thoughts on Dixie Carter
Dixie gets criticized a lot on the Internet, do you think that some people are too hard or is it well deserved
Any good Dixie or Hogan stories
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Can someone like yourselves come into the WWE today and make an impact
Thoughts on the WWE developmental system
Thoughts on scripted promos
You guys worked under a lot of different bookers over the course of your careers. Who were some of your favorite and least favorite?
What are the differences in calling a match today as opposed to 15-20 years ago
Do you think there comes a point when guys like Hogan and Flair need to just step aside
Do you think that when guys on the indys try and imitate what they saw you guys do in your prime and just throw around a bunch of high spots that they miss the big picture
Stiffest opponents you guys ever worked with
Can you make a living in wrestling not working for TNA or the WWE
What is the most embarrassing match you have ever been in
Who was the most overrated guy you have ever worked with
Thoughts, stories on Shawn Michaels
Who was the most underrated guy you have ever worked with
Any matches you regret
Thoughts on the Wrestler movie
Could you make it if you were just coming up and breaking into the indys
Do you think pay per view is a dying market in pro wrestling
Thoughts on a WWE Network
Who in TNA has that “it” factor
Where do you guys think the business will be in 10 years
Thoughts on the WWE Wellness Policy
Best commentators in the history of the business
Any good John Lauriniaitus stories
Who is the biggest mark for him or herself in wrestling
Do you believe the rumors about Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon
Would you guys like to go into the WWE Hall of Fame
What do you enjoy the most about pro wrestling these days
Did you guys ever pitch what you thought was a great angle that got turned down
Any thoughts on opening up a school
Advice for all of the kids getting into the business that want to be the next Hardys or Hurricane Helms