Face Off Vol. 16- Figure Four and Hardcore

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RF VIDEO makes history once again by bringing together for the first time ever two of pro wrestling’s biggest rivalries together for one interview. The Nature Boy Ric Flair and the Texas Outlaw Terry Funk sit down for a one on one exclusive interview with RF VIDEO!!!!

Does this DVD even need a write up? What happens when you sit down with 16 time World heavyweight champion Ric Flair and the God of Hardcore Wrestling Terry Funk for a few hours?

Ric Flair and Terry Funk are no strangers to each other as they met early on as discussed on this DVD. The time was the 70’s down in TX when a green Ric Flair was riding with Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch to house shows for the Funk family. You will hear all about their first meetings between the two and how they became life long friends and of course we all know they were once bitter enemies during their classic 1989 feud in the NWA as we talk all about the piledriver that was felt around the world on this classic DVD!!!!

Ric Flair and Terry Funk talk all about the different promoters that they worked for when they had their run in the NWA as champions and they gave their honest and open opinion on Sam Muchnick, Fritz Von Erich, Bob Geigel, Crocketts, Verne Gagne, Vince Sr, Vince Jr, Eddie Graham plus tons on inside stories on the locker room during the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and now. What happened the night before Starcade 83 when Vince took Harley Race out to dinner and tried to get him not to show up for Starcade 83? What was it like to be in the ring with Wahoo McDaniel and feel his thunderous chops? What happened when Ric and Terry were on a plane with Eddie Graham over FL and Eddie was flying drunk? These are just a few of the stories that stick out but trust me there are tons of them during this interview.

Both men has a major history with Dusty Rhodes whether it was in the ring with him or behind the scenes. Both men talk about Dusty as a booker and as a worker and if he was easy to work with. We talk about all the names in the NWA like Jimmy Snuka, Wahoo McDaniel, Ray Stevens, Ronnie Garvin, Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, and all the major names that both men were fortunate enough to share the locker room with. Would Bruiser Brody ever be in the WWE or WCW in the 90’s if he was never murdered you will want to hear what Ric and Flair say about Bruiser Brody!!

Ric Flair and Terry Funk acted as if our cameras were never there and just shared amazing stories with each other that I can assure you were never meant to come out of the locker rooms. You will feel like a fly on the wall as you hear some of the most amazing stories of all time between the two on the biggest names in the business. Terry Funk tells Ric Flair a story on how he got the call to replace Pat Patterson in the WWE as a major part of the office and what did Terry Funk do when he got to CT off his plane. This story is shocking but hilarious.

Were both men ever bothered on how the Hulkster Hulk Hogan did not have to work their style during his heyday and got more notorious? Who came up with the idea for Terry Funk to come out of retirement and put the plastic bag over Ric Flair head and piledrive him thru the table. We talk all about their infamous feud from their I Quit Match in Troy NY to their tag team bout at Halloween Havoc in Philly when the ring caught on fire with Sting and Great Muta. Did they ever get in trouble from the office for taking it to far? Who was in charge of the story lines at that time?

Ric Flair tells current stories on some of the top WWE talent like Sheamus, CM Punk as well as Terry Funk from his recent trip to the WWE for Mania during the Hall of Fame. What do both men think about blading and the dangers that come with bleeding in the year 2013. Both men talk about Abby and the rumors about him having Hep C. What about current hot topics like chair shots to the head and their thoughts on it.

Terry Funk and Ric Flair are asked to rate each other as workers and ask each other questions that they always wanted to ask and get answered and that is just some of the best parts of the interview. The dialogue between the two is pure gold.

At times you will be laughing so hard and other times you will cry as the interview takes an emotional turn when Ric Flair brings up the untimely passing of his son Reid Flair and shares some stories about him during his final 24 hours back in the states from his Japan tour.

Ric Flair talks ECW with Terry Funk and Terry Funk and Ric Flair talk about the current business as a whole in 2013 and what the future holds for both men. RF VIDEO has never delivered a bigger shoot interview than this DVD!!!

Face Off Vol. 16- Figure Four and Hardcore is must for every old school wrestling fan and you might want to buy another DVD player for yourself because you will wear your old one out from watching this DVD so much!!!! Terry Funk and Ric Flair pull no punches during this interview and tell it like it is.

Talk about the differences in how you each got into the business
What was it like to break into the business when each of you did
When is the first time you can recall meeting each otherInitial impressions upon meeting each other
Would a veteran like you Terry even talk to a rookie like Ric
At what point do you each remember being smartened up about the business
Ric, did you try to get into Dory SR.’s territory
Memories of Verne Gagne
Who did each of you ride with early on and who gave you the best advice
Memories of your first matches
What did it mean in the 1970s to have the NWA world title
Did either of you have aspirations to go to New York in the 70s or very early 80s (knowing Terry went in 1985)
Memories of Vince Sr.
Who were your favorite promoters and bookers to work for
Who had the worst payoffs
Can both of you talk about Eddie Graham, share stories
What do you think Eddie would have done by 1990 if he was alive back then
Talk awhile about Dusty Rhodes, early meetings, road stories, Dusty as a booker, a worker in the ring
Do you think he was a selfish booker
Do you think he was always straight with you guys
What made him so good
How important was it to know how to hook back in the 1970s
How did life change when you became NWA champion
Can you talk about the pressures of being NWA champion
How much of a salary increase did you see in your first year as NWA champion
As NWA champion was there any territory you dreaded going to
Did the boys treat you differently as champion
At what point did you each feel that you had the respect of your peers
At what point were you confident that you could go out there and steal the show
Can you guys talk for awhile about Bruiser Brody
Was he a bully
What do you think would have happened to Brody if he didn’t pass.
Would he go to WCW, WWE, stay in Japan
?Can you both talk about Roddy Piper
Both of you have had long histories with Hulk Hogan. Can you share stories
?Did you enjoy your matches with him?
Was there a bit of envy on the NWA side when he hit it big in 1984 that he wasn’t working the same kind of style yet he had all of this fame
What do you guys think would have happened if Harley took Vince’s offer before Starrcade 83
Can you both talk about Jim Barnett
What were some of the best locker room fights you guys have seen
Can you both talk about any experiences you had with the Original Sheik
Can you remember the first time you got color
At what point did you both realize the territories were in trouble
Who were the best workers you ever saw
How did your angle come about in 1989?
Terry you were retired then, how did it come about
Memories of working each other
Ric, were you bothered at all about that promo Terry did on TBS with the fake Ric Flair
Was there any consideration given to giving Terry a run with the NWA belt
Memories of your I Quit match
Memories of the angle in which Terry put a bag over Ric’s head
Memories of your Halloween Havoc match
Who was the best babyface you guys came across when traveling the territories who never got a national break
Who was the best heel you guys came across when traveling the territories who never got a national break
What did you each think when David Schultz slapped John Stossel
Can you each talk about Harley Race, memories, matches, stories
Talk about wrestling today. Is the Internet good or bad for wrestling
Thoughts, stories, memories of Vince McMahon Jr.
Both of you guys were bookers back in your day, how come neither of you book today
Does the disregard for kayfabe bother you todayWho do you think was the toughest wrestler in your day
Both of your thoughts on the CM Punk
Stiffest opponents you guys ever worked with
What would you do to make yourself stand out today if you were coming into the business
What is the most embarrassing match you have ever been in
Who was the most overrated guy you have ever worked with
Who was the most underrated guy you have ever worked with
Favorite road stories
Thoughts on controversy about Abdullah the Butcher cutting guys and allegedly giving them Hep C
Is psychology a lost art today
Where do you guys think the business will be in 10 years
Ric, can you talk about the difference in working with Terry as opposed to Dory
The most brilliant booker you’ve ever met
Best angles you ever booked
You guys both used chairs in your day, what do you think about the recent attention given to concussions in pro wrestling
How would you rate each other as workers
Passing of Reid Flair
Plus tons of other topics that they talked about from the 80’s and 90’s and 2000!!