Face Off Vol. 17- Behind the Paint

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What do you get when you take members of 2 of the greatest tag teams of all time and sit them down for a face-off? The next great shoot interview from RF VIDEO!

When you think of the all time great tag teams, the Road Warriors and Demolition are among the first names that come to mind, and now for the first time ever, Animal, Ax and Smash sit down together to discuss their legendary careers, reminisce about some of the major names and faces they worked with in the past, banter about some of the major controversies and also give their take on some of today’s top stars in this historic shoot from RF Video.

For years, fans have wondered what the relationship like was between the teams, especially after Demolition first appeared on WWF television as what many perceived as Vince McMahon’s version of the Road Warriors, a team he desperately wanted but wasn’t able to acquire until several years later. What was Animal and Hawk’s reaction when Ax and Smash debuted? Did Demolition feel like a L.O.D. rip off?

We also go into some of the big names of their generation, including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and of course the Ultimate Warrior as well as every big tag team these legendary men crossed paths with over their careers.

We also discuss the evolution of Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H, as well as the role steroids have played in the business over the years and what these guys think about modern day WWE’s stance against performance enhancing ‘drugs’. This part of the interview will definetly raise eyebrows and leave people talking.

We also go in depth on the differences between Jim Crockett Promotions/WCW and The McMahon’s WWF/WWE empire. What was it like going from JCP to WWF and how did the operations compare in their prime?

And of course, we discuss each team’s place in history, and ask all 3 participants whether they think Demolition belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame and why it hasn’t happened yet.

These are just a handful of the topics and personalities discussed throughout the course of this near 3 hour interview and we are proud to bring it to you exclusively as the newest release from RF Video!

What are your first memories of meeting each other?

What were your first impressions of each other in the ring?

DEMOLITION – What was your first thoughts on the Road Warriors gimmick? Do you remember when you first saw it?

DEMOLITION – When the Demolition gimmick was first pitched, did you feel it was disrespectful to the Warriors?

AX – Did you have any issues with moving on from the Masked Superstar given how successful it had been for you?

SMASH – You were brought in to replace the original Smash, Randy Culley. What did you think of the gimmick before you were tapped to join the team?

DEMOLITION – Why did Mr. Fuji replace Johnny Valiant?

How do you compare Mr. Fuji to Paul Ellering as a manager?

ANIMAL – Were there discussions to join WWF before Demolition debuted?

ANIMAL – Do you think the gimmick was launched out of spite because you didn’t sign with WWF?

ANIMAL – What was your first reaction when you heard of the Demolition gimmick? Were you aware of it before it debuted on a TV taping? Did you ever contact WWE about it or consider legal action against WWE? Of the three of you, which was angriest?

Your first thoughts on Vince McMahon?

How do you think Vince changed over the years?

Your favorite and least favorite Vince memory?

DEMOLITION – Did you have any conversations with Hawk, Animal or Paul Ellering about the gimmick when it was launched?

DEMOLITION – Were there any changes that were made to make it less like a Road Warriors gimmick?

SMASH – You knew Animal and Hawk from Minnesota, so did you feel you were betraying someone you started with?

ANIMAL – Did the Demolition gimmick turn you off on the idea of signing with WWF?

ANIMAL – What did you like about the gimmick? How do you rate them compared to LOD?

How often did you hear from fans that you were stealing from the other team?

ANIMAL – When you made the decision to come to WWF, was Demolition ever addressed before you signed? If so, what did Vince McMahon say about it?

Do you think Demolition vs. Powers of Pain took the shine off the idea of the Road Warriors vs. Demolition as a feud down the line?

ANIMAL – Compare working with the Powers to working with Demolition?

You all worked with Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson in feuds for the NWA or WWF Tag Team titles. Discuss your memories of working with the teams?

What was the first thing you all said to each other the first time you were all in a locker room together?

Compare the WWF locker room to the NWA locker room?

Were tag teams treated differently from singles stars in WWF?

Memories of Summerslam 1991 where The LOD interfered in Demolition vs. Hart Foundation in MSG?

Compare working in MSG to working the Omni in Atlanta in terms of crowd heat and atmosphere?

When Vince first pitched the feud between the two teams, was there animosity from the Demos on putting LOD over so strong?

Crush began to replace Ax. What are each of your memories of Bryan Adams?

DEMOLITION – Do you consider him an official member of the team?

Memories of teaming with or working against The Ultimate Warrior?

Were you surprised he buried the hatchet with WWE?

As you see guys from your generation dying so young, what do you do to take extra precautions with your health? What do you suggest wrestlers from the 70s and 80s do to take care of themselves as they get older?

What do you think of the WWE Wellness Policy and the rehab offers for past talents?

Do you think WWF got enough out of the LOD vs. Demos feud? If no, then what could have been done with it?

DEMOLITION – If WWF wanted to give you Rocco the Puppet, how do you think you would have handled it?

DEMOLITION – What led to Bill Eadie suing WWF over the rights to Demolition? Do you think the lawsuit is why WWE hasn’t called you to make appearances as Demolition or put you in the WWE HOF?

ANIMAL – How did Demolition change when Eadie left?

MOLITION – How would you rate LOD’s run in WWE compared to homegrown teams like yourself and the British Bulldogs?

How do you rate the LOD vs. Demos feud?

ANIMAL- Were you personally happy with the WWF run?

DEMOLITION – Why does the team never reunite, even under another name, in WCW?

Thoughts on the Monday Night Wars.

Do you think it hurt the business overall?

Let’s talk about the business today. You all worked Wrestlemania – what are your thoughts on how massive that event has grown?

Do you think we will see another boom period?

What does it mean when a smaller guy like Daniel Bryan is a top babyface?

What are your thoughts on how tag teams are used today?

What are the biggest mistakes tag teams make today?

Do tag teams use too many highspots and dives today?

If they called you and asked for assistance in making them more prominent, what would be your advice?

Could a team like the Warriors or Demolition get over today or has the audience changed?

What would be the best way to get such a team over today?

Who’s the best tag team in wrestling today?

Most wrestlers are physically smaller today. Cold they get over doing a gimmick like LOD without the size?

If you were starting in the business today, how much harder or easier would it be to make it to a national level today?

Do you think WWE’s training center in Florida is a good idea? How do you think you would be different as performers if you had trained there first as opposed to having trainers and working the territories?

Does the overscripting of the WWF and TNA TV shows prevent the boys from learning to work? What can be done to reverse that?

WWE heavily scripts their promos today. Break down why or why not this is a good idea and talk about how ad libbing your promos helped you become better characters and performers?

What do you miss the most about working against each other?

What are your favorite stories about being on the road together?

What are your favorite Hawk stories?

DEMOLITION – Thoughts on LOD being inducted into the WWE HOF?

ANIMAL – Are Demolition WWE HOF worthy and if so, should Crush go in with them?

Would any of you be interested in using your name and legacy to get over a new version of Demolition or LOD?

SMASH – Would you want to use the Demo name or any of your other gimmicks to help your son Dakota make a name for himself?

Do you still enjoy making independent bookings?

ANIMAL – Would you want to read a Demolition book?

Talk about what each of you are up to today?

How often do you talk these days?

Any last words for your fans?