Face Off Vol. 2- When Worlds Collide

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It’s time for the shoot interview to end all shoot interviews. The one DVD that may never be topped as RF VIDEO like a mad scientist hell bent on destroying the world, put three of wrestling’s most combustible elements in one room and filmed the results. Honky Tonk Man. New Jack. The Iron Sheik. Pound for pound the three most entertaining men to listen to in the entire world of professional wrestling and the only three who could possibly be involved in FACE OFF 2: WHEN WORLD’S COLLIDE.

Over the course of the interview we found ourselves laughing hysterically in between picking our jaws off the floor. Our script got thrown out the door one minute into the conversation as these three men spent the entire time riling each other up and riffing on what the other guys were saying. Honky Tonk brings up the subject of Paul Heyman to New Jack. New Jack in turn bringing up B. Brian Blair to the Shiek. There was nothing off limits during this conversation and the boys won’t let you down as they didn’t just bury people, they buried them, dug up the bodies, spit on them, and then buried them down even farther.

When the DVD ends, you’ll be absolutely certain that New Jack is the angriest wrestler in the world, Honky Tonk man the funniest, and the Iron Sheik the most insane. There is literally nothing to compare it to. You’ll get wild stories and curse filled rants on all the subjects you love to hear these guys go off on, including: the ring rats, the drugs in wrestling, the promoters they hate, and what is going on in wrestling today. FACE OFF 2: WHEN WORLD’S COLLIDE is a Molotov cocktail with three of the most explosive personalities in wrestling that will leave you begging for more!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  We’re also including footage of Sheik and Jim Neidhart doing a local radio show as well as exclusive footage of Sheiky baby on the road with Howard Stern’s Killers of Comedy tour. The Sheik and Bettlejuice, a pair that beats any three of a kind! You’ll be laughing till it hurts.