Face Off Vol. 3- Pure Evil!

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Batten down the hatches and hide your loved ones, RF VIDEO is excited to release Face Off Volume 3: “Pure Evil” on DVD! Two of wrestling’s most controversial characters, both in front and behind of the camera, sat down together to record a priceless experience that will have wrestling fans going crazy. And these guys know crazy!

Raven conducted the interview and came across like an old pro as he pulled stuff out of Sullivan that we had never heard before. It was if we were a fly on the wall in a wrestling locker room, watching two wrestlers talking about the business and completely ignoring the camera. Anyone who has heard Raven or Sullivan knows that this disc is chok-full of great stories as these literally have done it all and seen it all.

Raven discussed what it was like getting his start in the business down in Florida and what it was like to meet Sullivan as a green kid just breaking in. Rave then got Sullivan to talk about his legendary feud with Dusty Rhodes along with going into all the major angles that took place at that time. Florida was red hot at the time and Sullivan talked about Purple Haze coming up from the floor, Dusty’s sister getting ink thrown into her eyes, Jake Roberts dressing up as Santa, and the infamous angle involving ether. The two men talked about Gordon Solie’s role in the territory and how incredible he was at his job, even giving some classic Solie stories about when he worked while being, shall we say, under the “influence.” Sullivan talked about being trained by Eddie Graham and how smart Eddie was to the wrestling business.

We’ve all heard the stories about Kevin Sullivan not breaking character while out of the ring, but now we hear the real deal, straight from the source himself. You will hear jaw dropping stories on how Sullivan and his crew wore their robes wherever they went, including getting pulled over by the cops! Kevin does give one example of having to break character, and it came during a match against Andre the Giant when a fan attacked Sullivan. Trust us, this is one heckuva story that lead into both men discussing who were the legitimate tough guys in the locker room.

Both men talked about how the babyface makes the heel, and gave examples of how it has worked. This is a disc that should be mandatory for any students of the game as it gives some incredible depth to the booking process. They talked about the angle where Sullivan popped up from the cage, and then related it to the Mayhem in Memphis cage match with Austin Idol and Tommy Rich.  Kevin talked about why, as a booker, he had to fire Al Perez when Perez refused to do a job to Ric Flair in his hometown. Raven took this opportunity to ask Sullivan point blank if Sullivan was messing with Raven’s push in WCW. They both talked about how hard it was to get Raven to do jobs in WCW and how Raven got out of so many of them. The guys talk about a ton of stuff, including smart fans, the internet, and, of course, ECW. This is going to be a release everyone is talking about, so get your copy today!