Face Off Vol. 4- Extreme Legacy

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Terry Funk. Steve Corino. Two former NWA and ECW World Champions. Two of wrestling’s craziest personalities and these men were hardcore before there even was “hardcore.” RF Video was able to get both legends in a room together and just sat back as the men held a tutorial on their historic careers. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to present the fourth chapter in our Face Off series: EXTREME LEGACY.

Funk and Corino discuss all the places they have been to in their career and many of the personalities they have come across, including; Scott Hall, Paul Heyman, Giant Baba, Joel Goodhart, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Dynamite Kid, Tully Blanchard, Eddie Gilbert, and Mick Foley among many others. Extreme Legacy will put YOU in the middle of a conversation between two of wrestling’s most charismatic and knowledgeable personalities. This is not your grandfather’s shoot interview, this is a wrestling experience.

Corino and Funk will take you for am exciting and exhilarating ride through wrestling’s past, present, and future as they talk about everything they saw in wrestling, and how they would have done things differently if given the opportunity. Booking 101 is a term thrown around a lot, but Funk and Corino are two men who would be able to teach the advanced honors class, and Extreme Legacy allows them the chance to display their wrestling intelligence. All the wild stories. All the crazy rumors. All the things we’ve wanted them to talk about for years. And of course, ECW. It’s finally here. FACE OFF volume 4: Extreme Legacy.