Face Off Vol. 5- Queens of Extreme

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Tammy Sytch and Francine, two of the hottest, and most charismatic, wrestling valets of all time,are finally going sit down together for an unforgettable edition of RF Video’s Face Off series! The Queens of Extreme, certainly a pair that beats any three of a kind, get down and dirty with a gossip session that is unrivaled on DVD and will have you engrossed with tales of deceit, stories of sexual deviance, and scandalous observations in the twisted world of wrestling coming from a most unique perspective.

An exciting mix of the old and the new, the Queens of Extreme discuss their entire careers: from the dirt and grime of the original ECW all the way through the glitz and fabricated glamour of the new ECW. You’ll get the real scoop on all the dirt, all the rumors, and all the questions we’ve had over the years. What was it like for Francine to be back working around Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer? Tammy describes working for Vince McMahon and, for the first time ever, gets asked POINT BLANK about their being any “Sunny days” with Bret Hart. Did either of the girls get “Franchised” by Shane Douglas? No question of off limits with two of the most candid women in the business! They even played along with F***, Marry, Kill, and you won’t believe what they answered!

ECW, WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, the shocking segments with Tammy on TNN, life on the road, Ashley Massaro, Tammy being dropped by 911 at Hardcore Homecoming, the death of Bam Bam Bigelow, Missy Hyatt, and so much more are covered in this incredible shoot! We cover the past, present, and future of two of wrestling’s biggest female stars. Don’t miss out one of the HOTTEST DVDs of the year!

How are you guys doing today?
What do you both miss about working for a major company
How are the indys treating you
Tammy- It was reported that TNA wanted to hire you but at the convention in NJ you rubbed TNA workers the wrong way.  What are your thoughts on that?
Francine- How was your wedding
Tammy- do you think you will tie the knot soon
Francine- what was it like to start full time with ECW on May 5 2006
Thoughts on your return to the Arena to debut against Kelly Kelly and Trinity in a Bikini contest
Thoughts on Both girls were they cool or did they look at you as a threat
What was Paul Heyman like to work with again?
Was it odd being around Dreamer again
Francine- Did you like working with Balls valet
Tammy- you managed Balls back in SMW what are your thoughts of working with him
Memories of working with Kevin Thorn and Ariel
Why did WWE release you so quick Francine
What do you both think about the current ECW product being that it has gone astray from what the original ECW was all about.
Did you see the writing on the wall when they got rid of Steven D and the original refs
Tammy what are your thoughts on doing the Hardcore Homecoming show in Philly
what do you remember about 911 dropping you when he went to pick you up
Thoughts on NWS and Cyberspace did you like working for them Tammy
Tammy you worked for WSU and beat Alecia what do you think of her
Tammy you returned to wwe in Dec 10 2007 for the 15 year anniversary show what are your thoughts
Did you have any more talks with them about going back
Who did you see backstage that was cool talk about the entire day leading up to it and what you went thru that day to prepare
Do you guys like the way women are being portrayed in wrestling today
Do you like how WWE now has major focus on the women division more then they have had in the past
What are your thoughts on Micky James
DO you guys get along with Missy Hyatt and do you think she is a little out there
What are your thoughts on the current condition of Sabu
What did you guys think about when RVD and Sabu got busted for smoking weed and Francine were you there at the time and what was the locker room vibe
Tammy you really got back in shape and look like your read for TV again how did you do it
Tammy on the last interview you hinted about being with Bret Hart you promised you would elaborate for us on your next DVD what was the deal between you and the Hitman
What are your thoughts on Amy Lee who in my opinion can be a huge star one day with her look and promos
How do both of you deal with jealousy in the locker room
Do you trust male or female workers more
is it possible to really have real friends in wrestling and how difficult is it to keep those friendships when situations disconnect people
how can females be used to their full potential
What were your best memories of being on the road with ECW
What were your best in ring moments when you were in ECW
How are women treated in wrestling do you like the way they are being
Thoughts and perspectives on these guys you both worked with: Shane Douglas, Dudley Boys, Dreamer, Raven, Lance Storm, Sabu, Lynn, RVD, Eliminators, Ball and Axl, Sandman

Plus we have an entire TNA section dedicated to all the girls in TNA and our talk Sex with Francine and Tammy section that is really fun to watch with the F***, Kill, Marry game.  Their views of divas turned porn stars.  Tammy looks back at doing Vixxens and talks about if she regrets it.  Plus confronts rumors about sleeping with various workers in the business.  Its a very hot section that will turn a lot of heads.