Face Off Vol. 6- See, Hear, Speak No Evil

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Whenever we ask our shoot interviews guests about great booking minds, the same names always come up. Some say Raven, some say Kevin Sullivan, and some say Jake Roberts. For the first time ever, RF Video locked these three brilliant minds in 1 room and picked their brains.


All three of these men are experts in what most call wrestling psychology. Did you ever wonder why some angles worked and some didn’t? These three guys break down some of wrestling’s greatest angles and matches and tell us why some worked and some bombed. This is a great lesson for every wrestling fan to hear in wrestling psychology.


These three men are considered some of the greatest heels for their time and territories. All three have a revealing conversation about what it takes to be a great heel in pro wrestling. All three take us through their careers in Florida, New York, Crockett, ECW, Bill Watts, and more.


Some of the best conversation centered around Florida Championship Wrestling, bookers, WCW, psychology 101, promos what is wrong with today’s business, TNA, working with Sting, was Barry Whindham as good in the ring as they say, Raven watching Jake work drunk with Steve Corino, and how Eddie Graham would make the boys feel like shit even if they sold out a house show, and so much more.


Jake and Sullivan recount their highly successful run together in Florida. Both men talk about teasing their split and the thoughts behind it. Both men also talk about working with Dusty Rhodes at that time period. Was there any jealousy between Sullivan and Dusty? Who came up with their promos?


Raven also gives his input from a fan’s perspective as both men talk about their Florida run. One of the most tense parts of the interview is when Jake and Sullivan rate Raven as a worker. Raven and Jake also faceoff regarding Raven stealing Jake’s DDT. Raven may have thought he knew all about the DDT, but Jake tells him different. What aspects from Sullivan and Jake did Raven use for his legendary feud with Tommy Dreamer?


This was a project many years in the making. This was a rare opportunity to sit these three great minds down in a casual environment and talk all about the wrestling business. Listening to these three talk is like getting your doctorate in pro wrestling 101.