Face Off Vol. 8- Midnight Madness

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There are nights in this business that you will never forget and last night was one of those nights!!!

Sometimes the best stuff we film with wrestlers just happen by chance. Last  night RF VIDEO took a huge chance when we got a call around 11PM asking us if we wanted the chance to film a brand new Face Off with Raven and Jim Mitchell AKA Sinister Minister.  I was in my bed just about to close my eyes when I got the call, “Hey Feinstein it’s Raven, my and Vandy are driving back from Kanyons wake, we want to do a interview with you, you down?”  I knew it was going to be a late night but I had no idea on how late we would get started.  Roughly around 1 30 AM Raven and Jim pull up to my house.  They were in good spirits being that they just came from Chris Kanyons wake.  Both guys were telling me about the services which saw a few wrestlers attend and even Mic Foley came to pay his respects.  They discuss a lot of personal stuff about Chris and talk about his battles with depression but all of the stories they share are hilarious.

I had no set list of questions, I had no ideas on what to ask, I knew this had to be different so I told Raven to lead the way.  Without hesitation he told me to sit back and watch the magic begin.  When I tell you that I was more entertained by this interview than anyone else in years, that would be a understatement.  This was by far the most entertaining interviews of all time!!!  As soon as I hit the little red record button the magic started.  Right away both men started to talk about the passing of Chris Kanyon.  Jim was one of his all time best friends so he shared a ton of never told before stories with us.  Raven chimed in as well telling us some hilarious Kanyon stories.  Jim tells us one of the funniest stories of all time, when he discusses how Kanyon came out to him and what happened when his family found out he had gay porn.  Wait until you hear what Kanyon did to pass the heat onto Mitchell.   In no way where they making fun of Chris but they were honoring his memories last night with us.  There was one funny Kanyon story after another and you can tell it really hit them hard that they just lost their best friend.

As the interview progressed and Raven took the lead with Jim the topics got crazier and crazier!!!  Your going to hear a lot of crazy sex stories and drug talk.  How did Jim wind up working for Smokey Mountain wrestling and Jim Cornette?  Jim had a load of SMW road stories and never told before stories on his time working with Cornette.  The best part of this interview was when Jim told the camera he did not want to rip off the fans and repeat any stories he ever told before.  He gave RF VIDEO all new material with this one.

One of the best parts of the interview was when they talked about ECW’s locker room and how Paul Heyman acted and treated the boys.  Jim talks about the day he got hired and how instrumental Raven was in him getting his spot in the company.  There are a ton of wild backstage and road stories from the ECW era.

They also get into a nice discussion on why scripted promos are bad for the business.  This is when the interview gets really entertaining as Jim acts out half of the guys from todays top companies and really shows why scripted promos don’t work.

I asked both men what they think about chair shots being banned and man what a door I opened!!  This lead us to talk about Chris Benoit and how a lot of the guys get after years of taking shots to the head.  We also talk about TNA and how they should have been ran since their new start with Hulk Hogan.  Jim Mitchell had a plan that should have been used and you will love his ideas too.

OF course we talk about ring rats, drugs, Tommy Dreamer, Florida, WCW, WWE, Portland and a variety of other insane topics during this new edition of RF VIDEOs Face Off Midnight Madness DVD!!!  If we were to charge $1000 for this DVD it would be worth every single penny!