Face Off Vol. 1 with Honky Tonk Man & Raven

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Though eras of wrestling silently pass us by, the legends and superstars of those eras continue to roam the earth, seeing everything there is to see and experiencing a life like no other. Today, two such legends meet for the very first time and have a frank discussion on where wrestling has been, where it is, and – maybe most importantly – where it is going. Two masters of the squared circle giving their thoughts on all the changes that have occurred in the world of wrestling. Hold on to your hats, as RF VIDEO is taking to the Main Event, a place where only the privileged are allowed to go and only the truly successful are allowed to stay.

RF VIDEO’s newest creation, “Face Off,” is generating positive buzz from everyone who hears about it. This is not a shoot interview, but rather a round table discussion about various topics in the wrestling world.  We got the RF VIDEO think tank together to brainstorm who would be the best host for this new concept and could only think of one man who is never afraid to speak the truth.  The hardcore icon of Extreme, Raven! Let’s face it, there is no better way to get a wrestler to open up in front of our camera than to have the one man who knows how to dig deep into the psyche for the interesting answers to our burning questions.

If Raven as a host wasn’t a big enough bombshell to drop, how about the name of his first guest? That’s right, the Honky Tonk Man has graciously agreed to be a part of the debut taping that went well over two and a half hours! Both amazing men brought their A-game in what will surely go down as one of the most talked about wrestling DVDs ever! Take a host who holds no punches, the most controversial guest in wrestling today, add in RF VIDEO’s award winning production values, and you have the recipe for 2007’s hottest DVD release!

We can not be responsible for any broken DVD players that may occur from fans constantly watching, and re-watching, this incredible DVD! In all seriousness though, this is one disc you will to own as it is Raven and Honky – together for the first time EVER on camera – sitting face to face and talking about the wrestling business.

Here is the outlined of how the interview went down.  Remember this is just highlights as both men had alot to say on each topic.  Its Raven and Honky together for the first time ever on camera sitting face to face.  Just picture it!!!

–Raven brings up how the HonkyTonk blocked Ted Dibase from getting his push at the same time and getting the world title. Was there any heat between the two?
–Both guys discuss what it is like to go into the ring with young guys who can’t work
–Hulk Hogan
–Raven starts to dig around the topic of Jerry Lawler to his a nerve from the Memphis days.
–Raven brings up Col Debeers and both men talk about him
–Raven asks Honky about working today and how working holds pisses alot of fans off.  Honky goes off and talks about people getting bored and what he does in the ring to get heat.
–Raven asks Honky how much he spent on his outfits back in the day, and both men go off on how the young kids all look the same and do not invest in their gimmicks.
–Raven asked Honky to talk about Memphis time as Blond Bomber
–Both men discuss Hardcore Wrestling and ECW which is great
–Both talk about how guys do Hardcore wrestling today and do not sell anything
–Honky Talks about watching RVD vs Sabu on ECW TV and how it was crazy
–They start talking about Terry Funk and Abby on how they have controlled matches
–Honky tells Raven why he would never go thru a table which is a great little debate
–Both men discuss why they will be around longer than the new generation of workers and how the kids will not listen to either of them.  Great stuff!!
–Honky talks about Mick Foley with Raven and his career
–Raven goes off on how the guys today think they are great workers because they are stiff.  This topic is great…How the art of working is not to be stiff
–Both men talk about being animated in the ring and doing stuff with your hair and body movements to make it look more real.
–They start to bury some of the guys who can’t work like Lex Luger and Bill Goldberg
–Raven hits a nerve about Bret Hart and Honky goes off on Bret Hart.
–Raven brings up Ric Flair which sets Honky off once again on a tiraid about how Flair buried him in his book. This story is classic….
–Both men talk about friends in wrestling and how they backstabb you to get ahead
–They talk about Roddy Piper helping Raven at times backstage
–Honky goes off on Hulk Hogan for not helping him in WCW
–Both men talk about young workers being nervous to work them.  This is so funny stuff here as well. Both men go off on how young workers try to call spots with them backstage and how they cut them off and change the match all around..
–Raven tells Honky some funny stories on Taz from ECW how he was not a real vet and how Taz would go around telling everyone he was when he never worked a territory…Honky goes off…
–They talk about how rookies lie to them about being a good worker
–Raven tells what he does to green guys before he works them in the back
–Honky tells a great Brody story the first time he worked him
–Honky talks about Disco inferno and how Disco no sold  him after they aleady met and Raven trys to stick up for Disco….hilarious
–Raven and Honky talk about the WWE Hall of Fame and how WWE won’t leave him alone as they want him to be in it this year

THIS IS WHERE THE INTERVIEW JUST EXPLODES AND TAKES ITS OWN IDENITY!!!! Over the last few years I have collected various rumors that were always talked about on certain websites about the crazyness in wrestling. Wether it was about backstage fights, ribs, personal issues or any crazy story on a wrestler.  Now both of these guys are very well informed and keep current on all the latest backstage gossip.  Most of the time they were even in the company at the times of these incidents.  So why not get both of them to discuss these rumors to either confirm or deny them.  This part of the interview is intense and will make you hit the rewind button time and time again. This is what puts this DVD over the top and makes it one of our new top 5 DVD’s of tall time.  I think it is just as good as the Billy Jack shoot for stories after this section.

Raven asks Honky the following questions and if he has ever heard of these stories being true or false: Both men go off on every topic and tell what they know or don’t know.  Trust me you will be laughing so hard after watching this over and over again.

–Kevin Sullivan spends his vacations at a nudist colony. Take that image through the day.
–Tommy Rich soaked his balls in a beer mug full of hydrogen peroxide.
–Tommy Rich did some favors for Jim Barnett in exchange for the NWA World Title.
–They had to break Brusier Brody’s legs to fit him in a very inexpensive Puerto Rican casket.
— Virgil got a job by unleashing his hose on Pat Patterson’s desk.
— Kerry Von Erich really had his foot amputated because he thought he could walk across a room on his just-surgically repaired foot for a cheeseburger, thus crushing it.
–NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski bought Kevin Von Erich a hooker in Las Vegas, when Kevin was TWELVE.
–A coked up Kerry and Kevin were once playing with a saw blade in the back hallways at the sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the cat, killing it.
–Raven tells some funny Tim Brooks stories
–Kerry Von Erich sees a cat in the All Japan lockerroom. He decides to put the iron claw on it, killing the poor kitty
–R&R Express walk in on Jimmy Valiant laying on the floor jerking off under a glass table that a hooker is shitting on. Ricky throws up and leaves, while Robert stays to watch.
–Dusty Rhodes got Baby Doll fired (or something) because he was pissed that she married near-jobber Sam Houston instead of him.
–According to Japanese tabloids, Giant Baba was bisexual and Genichiro Tenryu had penis enlargement surgery.
–Victor Quinones tried to rape Tarzan Boy at gunpoint in a bathroom stall.
–Manny Fernandez took a dump in “Number One” Paul Jones brand-new Stetson hat, put it back in the hat box on the airplane, like nothing happened, and went to sit back by Jones for the remainder of the flight.
–Dusty Rhodes booked Rick Steiner to beat Ric Flair in 20 seconds at Starrcade 1988.
— Superstar Graham once injected Clorox on a dare.
— Paul Boesch was doing a “Jewish Champion” gimmick somewhere (NY?). A writer from a Jewish magazine came to a show to do a profile on him. The writer wandered into the lockerroom after Boesch’s match and saw him in the shower. Thus the writer found out Boesch wasn’t really Jewish.
— Jimmy Snuka killed his girlfriend and played the innocent savage in front of the police while Vince did the talking for him.
— Raven got caught in a hotel room with Becky Bayless at age 14, and Becky slept with Joel Gertner and his wife.   Raven talks about this in detail and ends this rumor….
–Rip Rogers pulled Barry Windham’s keys out of a commode filled with shit and Jack Daniels after a particularly hard night of partying with his bare hands.
–At a indy show, Sabu had oral sex on one of the valets in the locker room but when one of the other wrestlers asked him if it was good, he said something along the lines of “smell my mustache.”
–Johnny Valentine would take a dump and strategically place it where it couldn’t be found easily like the inside of bed posts.
–Shawn Michaels supposedly invited three hot girls back to his hotel room. He told them to all get naked and get on their knees. He whips out his ding dong and the girls figure it’s going to be a suck-fest, but instead he proceeds to take a piss in each of their mouths.
–Bruiser Brody was supposed to do a shoot run-in on the first WrestleMania…
–Apparently after Lawler first arrived in the good old WWF a lot of people disliked him for his general arrogant attitude. Hall, Nash, and Michaels didn’t take to this too well, so at one of the Royal Rumbles, Lawler left his crown in the dressing room to do the Rumble. So the Kliq decided to shit in his crown. But apparently this wasn’t like a couple of turds in the crown. They apparently filled King’s precious crown to the brim with a nice, hearty Kilq duty.
— TAKA slept with Sunny while Candido watched.
–Scott Hall took a dump in Sunny’s lunch on a tour of Germany in the spring of 1996.
–Jushin Liger likes to loan out his wife to folks like Sasuke, TAKA, and Hayabusa. He may also like to watch.
–Wolfie D was selling pics of PG-13 with Bill Dundee at USWA shows. Bill wanted a cut of the money. Wolfie said no. Bill pulled out a knife.
–Mae Young & Fabulous Moolah are a lesbian couple.
–During Eddy Guerrero’s indy tour/initial cleanup period, Brian Christopher asked him if he wanted to get high at the FWA UK Revival show.
–Pedro Morales MAY have pawned his WWWF belt (it showed up in a pawn shop eventually and Tom Burke bought it).
–Mike Rapada paied $25,000 to win the NWA belt.
–Honky tells one of the funniest stories about Marty Jannety from overseas after he was reborn and fell off the wagon on a tour  CLASSIC!!!!!1
–They discuss the death of Bam Bam Bigelow
–Kevin Von Erich, once paid a hooker to break in a then 11 year old Chris von Erich. Supposedly, Chris even cried during the act.
–Curt Hennig was supposedly one of those that crapped in Lawler’s crown.
–During one of those Nitros where the wrestlers had to stay under the ring the entire show, it was at least Hennig and Scott Norton under the ring. Hennig had to go and of course, he couldn’t exactly leave. So, he crapped under the ring.
–During the Gold Club investigation, Bischoff admitted that he enjoyed watching his wife and one of the strippers get it on in their hotel room.
–Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey describes seeing Andre screwing – “like a lion raping a rabbit”.
–According to a referee who was released from the WWF, Bradshaw tied up a wrestler in the shower while he was naked and rubbed baby oil all over him threatening to rape him until he cried while the lockerroom looked on and laughed. I think the victim might have date-raped a girl, or may have just not been well-liked. It was never specified who the victim was other than this happened in like ’98 or ’99 and the guy was a fairly well known wrestler, I also heard it might have been Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay.
–Some of the Smokey Mountain guys liked to take pisses in hotel ice machines.
–Remember when David Flair quit IWA Puerto Rico due to unfit living conditions? And everybody ragged on him when they found out IWA had put him up in a nice house? Well, that nice house belonged to Victor Quiones. I shouldn’t have to say anymore
–Raven talks about how Jake the Snake got pissed off at Sting and roughed him up
–Honky goes off again on all the reborn workers like Dibase  NEW MATERIAL this time too
–Tammy Sytch has phone sex with indy guys.
–Honky and Raven talk about Chris and Tammy relationship
–Randy Savage once knocked Bill Dundee out in a parking lot of a gym in Louisville after Dundee pulled a gun on him. This was back when Randy was running an outlaw promotion and they would tell folks on their TV show the real names of Memphis wrestlers and give out their telephone numbers. And the way I heard the Lawler’s crown story is that it was Steve Keirn who started the crap in the crown battle royal.
–Honky and Raven talk about Missy and Tammy doing soft core porn
–Honky tells a great story about catching Nick Bockwinkel in Japan selling the AWA belt of a fan
–They talk about how Magnum paid to win the title from Buzz Sawyer
–Both men talk about how crazy King Kong Bundy was to walk away from the bizz
–. Raven didn’t wear clothes backstage at TNA until someone complained to prevent Dixie from seeing his horsec*ck.
–Both guys go off on how there are people backstage that should not be and how both men had so many troubles in locker rooms getting changed because of girls being around
–Honky tells a funny Jasmine story with Virgil
–Austin got pissed off at Raven one time in the locker room because earlier in the day Debra (who was his wife then) was cutting a promo near the showers when Raven came out of the showers wearing nothing but a towel. Austin hears this and confronts Raven because he thought that Raven was “showing off” in front of his wife (Raven supposedly has a big dick) and basically choked Raven while threatening him verbally until Raven told him that he didn’t know that she was there. Austin then apologized and Raven understood because the wrestlers knew at that time that Austin was VERY protective of Debra then.
–Raven talks about almost having to fight Billy Jack Haynes
–Honky talks about how amazing the RF VIDEO shoot was with Billy Jack Haynes
–Raven askes Honky what were the best locker room fights he ever have seen
–They talk about Koko B Ware vs Steve Keirn
–Raven gives his first hand account of what happened backstage when Goldberg and Jericho had a fight and how Goldberg got choked out by Jericho
–Honky talks about Hogans pay offs in wrestling and how much he made per show
–Raven asks Honky why he never started a union with all the legends when they all  had power
–Honky talks about Uncle Elmer liking to bang midgets
–Honky talks about how the Road Warriors broke Henry Godwins neck
–Honky goes off on Dynamite Kid about being a bully and tells Raven a long story about everything that Dynamaite would do to guys. They bring up his book and Honky calls Dynamite a liar about how he never made him cry in a fight backstage and tells his version of the story.