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Fidel Sierra was trained by the great Hiro Matsuda, and started his professional wrestling career in Dallas, TX in 1978. Over his career Sierra would move throughout the Carolinas with Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling, NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling, Oregon with Pacific Northwest, NWA Florida Championship Wrestling, and in Puerto Rico with World Wrestling Council.

Sierra was a booker for the Pacific Northwest when it was a hot territory, as well as having some of his most historic matches there. He won the Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship with WWE Legend The Dynamite Kid.

Over the years he’s wrestled legends like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, the Von Erichs, Barry and Kendall Windham, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and many other legendary professional wrestlers in the WCW. He even broke a ratings record when he faced off against Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Sierra has won numerous championship belts throughout his career spanning 32 years and now holds the Cuban Heavyweight Championship Title in Florida Underground Wrestling.

You started off in an independent wrestling circuit called Outlaw Wrestling, how did you get started there, and what was the experience like as a new comer to the sport?
You broke out of the wrestling scene in 1978 when Hiro Matsuda trained you. Tell us about his influence in your career and how did he take you to a whole new level?
Your first match was in Dallas, TX Wrestling Buddy Valentine in 1978. Tell us about that match, the result and how it inspired you to get to a championship level?
What was the first championship title you ever won, who did you defeat and what was the feeling after you won the belt?
When did you meet Fantasy, and how did she become your manager?

NWA Florida Championship Wrestling
Tell us about your matches with Barry and Kendall Windham
You were managed by the late Sir Oliver Humperdink, how did you meet him and why did you decide to have him as your manager?
How did you react when you heard Humperdink passed away in March of this year? What are some of your fondest memories of him?

How did you become a booker for Pacific North West
What were some of the biggest events you booked?
How did you influence Art Barr in his transformation into The Juice
You wrestled as a masked wrestler for many years, how were you damasked and how did that change your career?
At one time you shared the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team title with Dynamite Kid. How did you two team up, and when did you first win the championship together? Was he difficult to get along with?

Take us through your time in Georgia Championship Wrestling, including some of your most unforgettable matches

What are some of your favorite matches while wrestling with Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Calgary Stampede Wrestling
You wrestled in Canada for the Harts, how did you find that opportunity and what was it like wrestling for such a historic family in the sport?
Did Stu ever stretch you in the Dungeon?
While in Calgary you won the North American Championship title, tell us about how you won it, who you wrestled and where does this title rank in your career?

You wrestled Andre the Giant. Tell us about that experience, what was the result and how hard was he to wrestle?
You mentioned Buddy Rose, a well known wrestler in the NWA. What were your matches like with him, what made him so tough and what do you remember most about wrestling him?
You challenged the Iconic Ric Flair for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title. Tell us about that experience, and what makes the match so memorable to you?
You have a pretty good story about Hispanics wrestling in the WCW, with Ricky Santana and yourself, tell us about it.
Tell us about your experience as translator for El Gigante who was almost 8 feet tall as you were his interpreter…
Talk about your match against Hacksaw Jim Duggan, set up by Jimmy Hart.
Talk about the matches high ratings, yet WCW still didn’t like it.

WWC in Puerto Rico
Do you feel you ever received enough respect in Puerto Rico
Tell us about the time Fantasy had her hair pulled out by a wrestler in the WWC, and what did you do about it?
Who was your greatest opponent and what made the matches between you two so intense?
Who did you dislike wrestling the most in the WWC and why?
Talk for a minute about the controversy surrounding the death of Bruiser Brody.
Did your view or trust in Invader change after you heard the news, I mean you’ve had heated battles with Invader?
Talk about your matches with Savio Vega, what made them so memorable?
You witnessed fan riots in Puerto Rico. What was that over, how did you handle the situation?

CMLL Lucha Libre Mexico
Why did they allow Fantasy to be at the ring for the first time?
Tell us about the match where you lost your mask
Why did you decide to wrestle in Lucha Libre?
What made it so different from any other wrestling you’ve experienced
You wrestled The Rock before he was the Rock, did you see the star potential in him at such a young age (He was in his 3rd Match)
In Japan you teamed with Andre The Giant, how was it to wrestle with a legend like him on foreign territory?
You also were a booker in Australia. How did you come about that position and what significant events did you contribute to there?
Talk for a minute on Politics in professional wrestling as it’s something you’ve always had issues with.
How has politics hurt professional wrestling?
Where do you currently wrestle at?
When did you win the Cuban Heavyweight Championship Belt
Who has been the toughest title defense you’ve had as the Cuban Heavyweight Championship and what made him such a formidable opponent.
Looking back, how have you grown as a professional wrestler?
How has professional wrestling changed over the years, and is it moving in the right direction?
We also talked in detail about all of his major feuds and so many other names as well that might not be listed above!!
These were some other random questions that we talked about!!!
How did you get started in the business
Were you a fan growing up
Who trained you
Take us thru your training with Hiro Matsuda
Did he stretch you
What are your first memories of your first match
What territory did you break into
Memories of your debut in Dallas loosing to Buddy Roberts
What are your thoughts on Fritz Von Erich
Who else was in the territory at that time
Memories of working in Portland Oregon
Thoughts on Don Owens
How did you get the name Top Gun
Who are some of the names you worked with in Portland
Thoughts on Brett and Buzz Sawyer
Was Buzz as crazy as they said he was
Memories of your matches with Rip Oliver against Youngbloods
Memories of Billy Jack Haynes and Stan Stasiak
Memories of matches with Brian Adias and Buddy Rose
Memories of teaming up with Dynamite Kid against Curt Henning and Buddy Rose
Was Dynamite a huge ribber back in Portland
Who else was in the territory around this time
Favorite matches in Portland Wrestling
Where did you go from there
What was Puerto Rico like?