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Like most young wrestling fans they dream big and want to someday become a pro wrestling superstar in the WWE and be loved by everyone. At a very young age Fred Rosser had that desire and passion and reached for the stars!! He like most wrestling fans attended WWE house shows after discovering it on TV and wanted nothing more to become a professional wrestler. Fred followed the path of many other superstars that you see on TV each Monday night and first started to do back yard wrestling with his friends. Fred played football in school but quickly got the wrestling bug after he graduated and quickly joined the first wrestling school that he could find run by Kevin Knight in New Jersey. This is where his journey begins and this is where Fred developed his skills that would get him to the big game in the WWE and become a WWE superstar known as Darren Young. This is his story as he sits down for a one on one candid shoot interview for the first time ever since his release from the company with RF VIDEO.

You will hear how he adopted to the business as he quickly picked it up because he was a naturally gifted athlete. Who took him under their wings and gave him advice in his early stages. Fred talks all about his training and working the indy scene on the East coast. Wether it was for IWF, ECWA, Chaotic Pro there were lessons to be learned along the way. It wasn’t to long before he started getting looked at by the WWE. Wether he was going to the TV tapings as an extra or getting try out matches they saw something in him. You will hear all about his times going to WWE events before he got signed. Fred gives great advice to anyone who might be trying to follow his path on how to get noticed and what you should do once you get to the big game.

Fred covers his time down in FCW and what it was like to work with the trainers like Steve Kiern, Dusty Rhodes Norman Smiley and Dr Tom Prichard. Fred was in a great class surrounded by future stars and has stories on all of them like Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Usos,Low Ki, Trent Baretta and so many more. You will hear how he improved on his work by being surrounded by great trainers. What was a typical week for Fred in FCW and what are his early memories of working on early house shows for FCW? It was not long before Fred was called up to take part in the NXT reality series. You will hear his thoughts on the show and was it a work? What did he think about his Pro CM Punk? Did he like being paired with him and if he had another choice who would it be. How hands on was VKM involved in the show?

You will hear all about the major Nexus invasion angle and what went down at TV before the planned attack took place backstage? What were his thoughts on Daniel Bryan being let go after he choked Justin Roberts with the tie. What did VKM tell the group before they attacked him backstage? What was John Cena like to work with in and out of the ring? Was he one of the boys? What happened the night the group legit hurt Ricky Steamboat?

He talks candidly about failing a wellness test and explains his side of the situation. We talk about his return to NXT’s Redemption show and if he felt it was a step down or just great exposure. It was not long after that when he became a nice fixture in the WWE tag team scene with his partner Titus Oneil. What was Titus like outside of the ring? What did he think about the night Titus put his hands on VKM? Did he like being a babyface or a heel? We talk about the team as a whole and all of the many programs they had with other top tag teams. Did he like feuding with Titus or teaming with him better?

He was 100% so laid back and down to earth that I know everyone will enjoy his shoot with RFVIDEO. How did the entire concept come about to team up with Bob Backland and how did he present it to VKM. How was his relationship with VKM? What was it like to work with Bob Backland and what quirks did he have? There are some very funny road stories that involve Bob during this part of the interview. These are all great stories that you can’t miss. Darren gets very candid when it comes to his sexuality and we discuss his entire coming out on TMZ and the aftermath. He talks all about his projects that have to do with his stance on hate and he really is a great guy as he cares about people in general. We talk about his in ring injuries and how his release came about. I think any current WWE fan will love this interview because we touch on everything you would want to hear about during the current product that you see on TV today. Don’t count out Fred Rosser FKA Darren Young Mr No Days Off, as he has so much more in store for you and you will hear all about it during this exclusive shoot interview with RF VIDEO!!

What are your first memories of professional wrestling? Were you a fan growing up?
Who were your favorites growing up?
Do you find they influenced your style in the ring?
You played football in High School and college in New Jersey – talk about your football background. Did you want to go pro?
What led to you deciding to pursue professional wrestling?
Is it true you were doing backyard wrestling before getting into the business?

Why do you think the backyard wrestling scene has sort of faded away?

How did you get hooked up with Kevin Knight’s IWF in New Jersey?

What was Knight like as a trainer?

What was the easiest and hardest part of the business to master?

Favorite memories or lessons that you learned from Knight or any veterans that were brought in by Knight from that era?

On the indepenents, what veterans do you recall going out of your way to help younger talents?

Where did the Fred Sampson ring name come from?

When you look back now at your work in that era, how do you think you’ve grown as a worker since?

Memories of working for the notorious NWS promotion run by Joe Panzarino?

Any great stories about Panzarino or Gino Moore from that era?

Memories of working for Jim Kettner in the ECWA?

Tal about Kettner as a booker and lessons you learned from him?

Do you think there is anyone at his level when it comes to booking and putting together shows today?

Are you surprised he was never hired full-time by WWE?

Who were your favorite talents in the ECWA to wrestle?

Memories of feuding with Prince Nana for the Mid-Atlantic title?

Where did the Frederick of Hollywood name came from?

Memories of working Chaotic Wrestling and wrestling Mike Kruel for that championship?

Are you surprised Mike Kruel never made it out of WWE developmental?

Who from that early-mid 2000s era of independent wrestling are you surprised never made it to WWE?

Talk about the process of getting WWE to grant you tryouts in the pre-Performance Center era? Today, talents can submit themselves via a website. Talk about what it was like networking in the early days before the NXT/PC era.

You booked to work a lot of WWE TV in enhancement roles in the mid 2000s Take us through what that experience is like, what the biggest mistakes talents in that position make either in the ring or behind the scenes and whats the best way for talents to get WWE’s attention so they are brought back and kept under consideration for future bookings?

What’s the pressure like the first time WWE sends you to the ring for that role?

In that time period, who were the talents that were most helpful to the guys trying to break in?

When did you finally feel like you had gotten their attention?

Talk about the moment where you learned you were going to be signed to a WWE developmental deal?

First impressions of FCW when you arrived there?

Where did the Darren Young name come from?

Talk about what the weekly training and touring schedule was like for FCW?

Compare it to your time working and learning in IWF?

Talk about the different trainers and what they brought to the table?

Memories of the FCW Arena?

Memories of teaming with Percy Watson as the South Beach Boys?

Memories of the FCW roster at the time:

Wes Brisco
Eli Cottonood
Bo and Duke Rotunda
Troy Jackman
Johnny Prince
Fletcher Chase
Joe Hennig
Alex Riley
Leo Kruger
The Usos
Skip Sheffield
Michael Tarver
Heath Slater
Kaval aka Low Ki
Johnny Curtis
Caylen Croft
Trent Beretta
Jackson Andrews
David Otunga
Wade Barrett
Curt Hawkins
Vance Archer

What was FCW missing that WWE improved upon when they launched the Performance Center?

Do you think talents coming up through the PC have it easier or harder and why?

When did you first hear about NXT reality series potentially replacing the WWE version of ECW?

When did you first learn you were being brought up for the debut season of WWE NXT?

Are you given a full fledged WWE contract for the show or are you still on a developmental deal?

Before we go further, beyond money, what are the differences between a developmental deal and a main roster deal for WWE talents?

How much of the competitions were a legitimate shoot in that you and the others didn’t know about them before you were live on the air?

Do you think WWE planned from the start for Wade Barrett to win or did you feel the eliminations were legitimate?

Were you surprised Daniel Bryan was part of the cast?

During the show, did the NXT talents look at each other as rivals or just as part of the same locker room?

Thoughts and memories when you learned CM Punk was going to be your “Pro” on the series?

How was Punk to deal with? Was there ever any real interaction behind the scenes?

They did a storyline with you on the show where you pledged to straightedge but then changed your mind before you could have your head shaved – were they ever planning to actually shave your head?

Memories of the short feud with Luke Gallows?

If WWE had wanted you to shave your head and add you to Punk’s act at the time, would you have wanted to?

Do you think Punk was a locker room leader during his time in the company?

Thoughts on Punk and the way his WWE run ended?

Do you think we’ll ever see him back in WWE again?

Looking at the list of Pros who were part of the first season, was there another talent you feel you would have been better suited to be partnered with on screen. Here’s the cast and their Pros –
Wade Barrett (Chris Jericho)
David Otunga (R-Truth)
Justin Gabriel (Matt Hardy)
Heath Slater (Christian)
Darren Young (CM Punk)
Skip Sheffield (William Regal)
Daniel Bryan (The Miz)
Michael Tarver (Carlito)

Memories of the first episode of NXT and what it was like for the “Rookies” involved?

Do you think the experience bonded all of you?

How involved was Vince McMahon in the production of the show?

What was your first meeting with McMahon like?

Is he as intimidating in person as the stories suggest?

Were you disappointed when you were voted off the show?

Do you think the voting was legitimate?

When you were eliminated, did WWE give you any idea of whether they would keep you on the main roster or send you back to developmental?

Talk about the angle where all the NXT talents became the Nexus and attacked John Cena, CM Punk and everyone else in the vicinity to close a Monday Night Raw? How far in advance were you told about the angle?

Arn Anderson is said to have been the person who put the segment together – talk us through all the chaos?

What was the reaction like backstage after the angle?

Daniel Bryan was fired for choking Justin Roberts with his own tie – were you surprised when that happened?

Did you think the firing was a work at first?

Did you think losing Bryan was going to hurt the group out of the gate?

Why did Michael Tarver disappear from the group?

Memories of the angle where the Nexus attacked Bret Hart?

WWE booked a number of angles where the group attacked legends and the angle with Ricky Steamboat legitimately landed him in the hospital and ended him being physically involved in the business – when something like that happens, what sort of heat was there on the group? How do you shake off someone getting hurt in a segment you are involved in?

Memories of attacking Vince McMahon – what sort of pressure is there not to accidentally hurt the boss?

The Nexus worked a lot with John Cena during that era – memories of working with John. Do you feel he went out of his way to help establish the group or did he hinder its starpower?

How was Cena to work with in the ring? Did he give you any advice?

Memories of working the Summerslam main event in 2011.

Were you surprised when Daniel Bryan was brought back?

You were “exiled” from the Nexus when you failed to beat Cena on Raw – did the company give you an idea of what plans they had for you as a babyface?

Do you think the hindsight that WWE got the post out of the Nexus as a group and out of the talents after the group split?

Memories of working with the following post-Nexus?

Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder
William Regal
The Usos (how had they grown since FCW)
DH Smith

WWE brought you back to NXT for the Redemption season – were you excited to go back there or did you feel it was demotion to be back on that series?

You were paired with Chavo Guerrero for Redemption – how was Chavo to work with?

Memories of feuding with Hornswoggle?

Memories of teaming with Derrick Bateman (EC3)?

Thoughts on how far EC3 has come since then?

WWE announced you had failed their Wellness Policy on 10/5/11. Do you care to comment on what happened that caused the suspension?

Did you feel it was a fair decision at the time?

Do you think the Wellness Policy overall is a positive?

When you returned, you and Titus began feuding, but then ended up as a team. How did the Prime Time Players come about?

Who came up with the dance?

Favorite memories of Titus as a person and a partner?

Memories of your short lived storyline where you were chasing Tamina and why that was dropped so quickly?

The Players were moved to the Smackdown brand – what were the major differences backstage between Raw and Smackdown?

There’s a narrative that Vince gives more attention to Raw. Do you think that’s true?

Memories of working with Kofi Kingston & R-Trudh as a a team?

You were managed for a time by Abraham Washington. Thoughts on his work as a manager and why do you think things didn’t work out for him in WWE?

Are you surprised he disappeared from pro wrestling?

Memories of working with Daniel Bryan and Kane as a team,?

Talk about working Royal Rumbles and how WWE puts those matches together?

WWE turned the Players babyface – what led to the change?

You made the decision to come out publicly as gay during an interview with TMZ – what led to you making that decision?

Did WWE know you were going to do it?

What was the reaction in the locker room?

Were you surprised by the amount of press coverage it received?

How did you up end up on the Ellen Degeneres show?

WWE never portrayed your character as being gay – do you feel they missed an opportunity to show a positive gay role model on their programming with you?

Did you find that gay fans would be more likely to reach out to you after?

In 2015, you spoke out against WWE running U.A.E due the anti-gay sentiment and laws there – what made you decide to rock the boat and take that stand?

What was the company’s reaction?

Why did you delete the tweets?

Do you think you shot yourself in the foot because of the comments?

Memories of working against Jack Swagger and Cesaro?

Memories of working with The Shield?

Which of the three do you think is the best of the trio?

Do you think Roman is the guy to lead WWE forward into the future?

WWE decided to have Titus turn heel and attack you in January 2014 – memories of the program?

We want to ask you some memories, whether in the ring, on the road or backstage of working with the following:

Randy Orton
Big Show
Jinder Mahal
Braun Strowman
Mark Henry
Great Khali
Alberto del Rio
Dolph Ziggler
Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens
Tyson Kidd
Wyatt Family
Wade Barrett
Jason Jordan
Brodus Clay
Enzo Amore
Colin Cassady
Bo Dallas
Anderson & Gallows
Damien Sandow
Adam Rose
Baron Corbin
Dudley Boyz

Memories of working Wrestlemania 30 in the first-ever Andre Battle Royal?

Mania 30 was the first PPV on the WWE Network – how did PPV paydays and bonuses change with the Network?

You were injured in a bout against Fandango in April 2014, tearing your ACL – what caused the injury?

How hard was the post-surgery rehab?

WWE opts to put the Prime Time Players together again in early 2015. What were you told about the decision?

Memories of working with The Ascension?

You worked Wrestlemania 31 as part of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Any memories of Mania 31 week?

Memories of working the first tag team elimination chamber and going to the end against New Day?

Memories of winning the WWE Tag titles at Money in the Bank?

Do you think this was the highlight of your WWE run?

Memories of working with:

New Day
Lucha Dragons
Los Matadors

Why did WWE opt to split you and Titus up at the end of 2015?

Thoughts on Titus being suspended for 60 days for unprofessional behavior for touching Vince McMahon?

Do you think it hurt you since again they were starting to team you too again?

Memories of going all the way to the end of the Third Annual Andre Battle Royal at Mania 32?

While you worked for WWE, you were very involved in doing a lot of the community outreach programs, including the reading and the anti-bullying rallies – thoughts on WWE’s involvement in those causes?

Who came up with the idea of putting you with Bob Backlund?

What was your first reaction to the idea?

Memories of making the “Make Darren Young Great” again vignettes?

Talk about your favorite memories of working with Backlund?

People tell all sorts of weird stories about Backlund and his drive to work out and his quirks – what was the best part of traveling and being around him?

Were you hoping for a bigger push out of the gate with the Backlund pairing?

Did you like the idea of adding the crossface chickenwing?

Memories of working with Miz and Alberto Del Rio?

It felt like the story with the Miz for IC title ended abruptly – was that the case?

You were back working against Titus with Titus cutting a promo on the “Being Great Again” storyline. Compare teaming with Titus vs working with him in the ring?

How did you end up hurting your arm in the match against The Shining Stars?

How long did you expect to be out of the ring?

Were you surprised when you got the call you were being released by WWE?

Who made the call?

What was your first thought when you hung up the phone?

What was the highlight of working for the company and what was the biggest disappointment?

Who do you think was the most underrated talent there?

Is Impact or Ring of Honor a potential home for you in the future?

Any interest in pursuing Japan or Mexico?
What do you think are the biggest differences in the independent scene now vs. when you were breaking in?

Thoughts on making your CHIKARA debut this September?
You, Michael Tarver and Justin Gabriel will be doing a Nexus reunion at the CHIKARA event – is that something you’d want to reprise a lot on the independents or do you prefer just continuing on as Darren Young?
Favorite cities to compete in?
Favorite Arena to wrestle with?
Favorite ribs?
What do you think is the biggest misconception of Fred the person vs. Darren the character?
Have you ever thought about writing a book about your experiences?
Would you be open to returning to WWE one day?
How do you think Triple H will do running the company vs Vince?
Message to your fans?